29 days of April ・ Day Three, Four, & Five

Day Three of April was the day we had been waiting for, it was finally time to dock the ship after driving the additional four hours that were still left. When we got there everything was a breeze the only problem is that we docked the ship a little after noon and the rooms would not be ready until 2 pm so we had to make use of our time by exploring the ship and enjoying the amazing food that was provided for lunch. Chasity did get sick the first time the ship started moving but after that she enjoyed every minute at see, I was a little nervous myself about the ship since I get sick on airplanes but I was actually ok and was able to help her through it. 


Day Four of April we had finally arrived in the Bahamas and instead of staying on the boat the whole time like most people did we decided to venture off to a shopping trip and a day at the private beach at Grand Lucayan that was beautiful. When we finally got back to the ship we were burnt out and just ready to shower, eat, and sleep.

Day Five of April is when we finally arrived back in Florida; this trip was actually amazing and made me realize a lot of things in my life right now. I don’t know whether it was good or bad but it made me spend the next days reflecting and trying to understand the feelings I was having. The ride back to South Carolina was quick and it really made me wish I did the whole 8 hours on the way down but I already said every trip from now on I will have to fly. 

Photo Credits: iPhone 7

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