29 days of April ・ Day Six

This year like I stated in a previous post I took the time to reflect and see what it was that I wanted to change around me or myself in general. I’m one year away from 30 and I feel like in some parts of my life I’m not as well put together as I am on the outside. So, for my 29th birthday I made a list:

1. Open my mind to new adventures, new travels, and maybe new friends.
2. Explore outdoors more. One thing I am is a true introvert, I rather be at home rather than be outdoors.
3. Successfully lose weight, I’ve spent the last four years struggling with my weight. After I had Chasity I lost 50-60 lbs. but I’m sure now I’ve gained that back and more.
4. Stop being self-conscious, up until recently I’ve always been a confident person but lately I’ve been questioning myself and things about me as well.
5. Take more pictures. Document more.
6. Visit Africa.
7. Start my own business and be successful in it.
8. Just be happy with me.

This is what I wrote before I had the time to reflect:
I’m happy to see twenty9 but have I accomplished everything in my life possible? Is there any thing that’s missing? Am I living to my fullest potential? How can I change the world? Or how can I change mine? These have been the questions I have been asking myself since I got back from the Bahamas, it was a culture shock more than a vacation for me. I learned about their culture, I saw how they live, I saw how they hustle, I even saw the schools that they attended or schoolgirls running through the shops they have. Something about being in their culture and way of living changed my views on life...changed a lot of things within my self and had me questioning am I living or am I just existing?

Happy 29th Birthday to me!

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