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29 Days of April : 11th - 23rd

I truly sucked when it came to doing this 29 days of April and I apologize for that, I would have what I wanted typed up but then I would go missing or time would slip away from me. Recently I’ve been changing up things around my house and finally made of list of goals that I would like to get done within the next 3 years (I know, 3 years really?) but I always set out goals that I want to accomplish and thus far I’ve been succeeding in each one. It all revolves around, my house, my financial goals (savings and debt), and traveling. I believe it would be smart to start off with my debt which I started when I was 18 and it’s shockingly got better as a I got older. One thing I learn is that without credit you can’t get much in life. But I’m working on not owing anybody as a get older and wiser. As for my house, pinterest is truly the devil, lol.

Here’s my current living room situation that I’ve changed up as of recently.... The first picture is back in 2015 when I first moved in and the second picture is from this year 2017. I’ll kind of share parts of my home later than sooner as I work to get it exactly how I want over the next 3-5 years.

29 days of April ・ Day Seven, Eight, NIne & Ten.

Once we got back home from vacation it was time to get back into the swing of things, I had a lot of cleaning to do and not only that Chasity still was not trying to go back to school so I just let her stay out the remainder of the week. So, since my birthday had past I spent the weekend with friends and family, from a small get together at my house to me being able to eat at another one of my favorite spots MoBay Caribbean Grill [the food taste better when you sit down to eat and not get something to go]. 

Back to work I go, vacation is officially over and I’m back at work wondering where did the time go. Pray for me.

29 days of April ・ Day Six

This year like I stated in a previous post I took the time to reflect and see what it was that I wanted to change around me or myself in general. I’m one year away from 30 and I feel like in some parts of my life I’m not as well put together as I am on the outside. So, for my 29th birthday I made a list:

1. Open my mind to new adventures, new travels, and maybe new friends.
2. Explore outdoors more. One thing I am is a true introvert, I rather be at home rather than be outdoors.
3. Successfully lose weight, I’ve spent the last four years struggling with my weight. After I had Chasity I lost 50-60 lbs. but I’m sure now I’ve gained that back and more.
4. Stop being self-conscious, up until recently I’ve always been a confident person but lately I’ve been questioning myself and things about me as well.
5. Take more pictures. Document more.
6. Visit Africa.
7. Start my own business and be successful in it.
8. Just be happy with me.

This is what I wrote before I had the time to reflect:
I’m happy to see twenty9 but have I accomplished everything in my life possible? Is there any thing that’s missing? Am I living to my fullest potential? How can I change the world? Or how can I change mine? These have been the questions I have been asking myself since I got back from the Bahamas, it was a culture shock more than a vacation for me. I learned about their culture, I saw how they live, I saw how they hustle, I even saw the schools that they attended or schoolgirls running through the shops they have. Something about being in their culture and way of living changed my views on life...changed a lot of things within my self and had me questioning am I living or am I just existing?

Happy 29th Birthday to me!

29 days of April ・ Day Three, Four, & Five

Day Three of April was the day we had been waiting for, it was finally time to dock the ship after driving the additional four hours that were still left. When we got there everything was a breeze the only problem is that we docked the ship a little after noon and the rooms would not be ready until 2 pm so we had to make use of our time by exploring the ship and enjoying the amazing food that was provided for lunch. Chasity did get sick the first time the ship started moving but after that she enjoyed every minute at see, I was a little nervous myself about the ship since I get sick on airplanes but I was actually ok and was able to help her through it. 


Day Four of April we had finally arrived in the Bahamas and instead of staying on the boat the whole time like most people did we decided to venture off to a shopping trip and a day at the private beach at Grand Lucayan that was beautiful. When we finally got back to the ship we were burnt out and just ready to shower, eat, and sleep.

Day Five of April is when we finally arrived back in Florida; this trip was actually amazing and made me realize a lot of things in my life right now. I don’t know whether it was good or bad but it made me spend the next days reflecting and trying to understand the feelings I was having. The ride back to South Carolina was quick and it really made me wish I did the whole 8 hours on the way down but I already said every trip from now on I will have to fly. 

Photo Credits: iPhone 7

29 days of April ・ Day Two

Day Two of April was our first day on the highway, I booked a 2-day cruise to the Bahamas via groupon for $299 but the only problem was I had to travel 8 hrs. to Palm Beach, FL (Rivera Beach). This would be the first car trip that I have with Chasity so I decided to break it up into 4 hours one day and 4 hours the next day. When I finally hit Jacksonville, FL I was upset because I was ready to drive a little bit further but I had already booked a hotel room for the evening. The best thing of the car ride is her iPad kept her occupied and I thank god for being able to do hot spot on my phone now.

Photo Credits: iPhone 7

Sunday Motivation

29 days of April ・ Day One

Since this is my birthday month I decided to do 29 days of April, yes I know there’s more than 29 days in April but I’m only 29 this year. :) I’m a little late with the first post but that’s because we have been packing and getting ready for this little mini cruise to the Bahamas and a little trip to Florida (since that’s where we are leaving from). I’m very nervous and I really don’t know what to expect but I stated last year I was going to start taking at least one to two trips a year no matter what. My next post will be while we are in Florida so be on the look out, 


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