L Review: Halo Top Ice Cream

I have a major sweet tooth and with having a sweet tooth for anything chocolate or ice cream I’m always looking to try something new. But when I came across this recent fad I gave in and tried it [I wasn’t a fan of talenti when that fad was going on, to me I’ve had a lot of gelato living in Germany most of my life and that definitely doesn’t taste like the amazing gelato I’ve received].

However, Halo Vanilla Bean lived up to the hype and much more. Most vanilla bean ice creams (breyers, as an example) have the nasty particles of bean within the ice cream and it leaves a god-awful after taste. Halo doesn’t however, its nice and smooth and amazing to the taste. I’ve never been more excited about an ice cream that contains protein and only 240 calories per pint up until now, I haven’t got my hands on any other flavors and I’m not sure if I want to since vanilla bean was simply amazing I don’t want to destroy my excitement by trying other flavors and then being disappointed. If anyone else has tried any other flavors of halo top please let me know so I can know which flavor to try next.

Halo Top Vanilla Bean 

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