Him: Potential Rapist.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation to where you start questioning your self because you saw all the warning signs but you didn’t take heed to them? I’m not saying as women we should blame ourselves when we are put into situations like this but we have to start listening to our instincts more because mine were going off loud and clear but I still thought it was ok for us to chill up until he begun getting a little more aggressive and then said “oh so you want to fight” while forcing kisses upon me.... this is where I went into panic mode. I had to think quickly and luckily he calmed down with me asking questions of where is this going? Are you looking for a relationship with me? It was weird questions that I begin asking my potential attacker but in that moment I was scared for my life. I was one of many lucky women who got out of the situation by derailing with questions and stating that I needed to get back to my friends. This situation haunted me for months on end after it happened.... not only were we friends on twitter at the time but Instagram as well. He eventually deleted me a week later and I was thankful for that because I blocked him on EVERY social media platform that I had and I still do to this day if he pops up.

I have only told one person about this story and I didn’t know if I would truly be open to sharing it. But I feel there is a lot of people or women that come across my blog and if I can help someone by telling my experience or what I’ve been through I will. Young adults don’t understand how men and women can prey on them and take advantage in a split second and have you damaged for the rest of your life. If you feel that someone isn’t right.... go with that instinct and run as fast as you can.

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