Him: Plenty of Fish

So this installment of him is about my experience with online dating, as most of you know I’m single but of course I’ve been entertaining the idea of having someone in my life. Clearly god is taking his time making this special man for me as I am still being molded for him as well. However, let me not sidetrack you guys with my god and me and get to the point of this him.

I recently tried out POF [Plenty of Fish] at the beginning of the year and all I can say was that it was whirlwind of weirdo’s and then some potentially nice men. I heard about this site through my best friend and thought “hey let me give it a try” since in this generation most people are finding their loved ones 3,000 miles away or even online but in the same area as they live in. However, being on this site for maybe a month or so I agree to two dates.

The first date was with a guy who was simply a jerk, the conversation and communication was amazing between us or so I thought up until our date. He took me to the movies to see Deadpool [which was an amazing movie] however, in the middle of the movie not even 30 minutes in he stated he had an emergency and that his daughter was in the ER. I told him it was fine and to go handle his business, he kept apologizing and even had the nerve to show me a picture of his daughter in the ER. The reason for me saying he had the nerve is wait for it...it was all a lie to get out of the date, his daughter was never in the ER, the picture was old and dated but I’m guessing she was the excuse he used to get out of MANY dates with women because of course after watching the movie alone I called him the next day and of course I was blocked. His status on POF eventually changed from looking for something serious to just looking for fun. I can’t say my self-esteem didn’t take a hit because it did but I still pressed on hoping to give the site another chance.

This brings us to date number two, me and this guy started off sending lengthy messages on POF before it escalated to us texting and calling each other late at night with amazing conversations. I already knew not to get my hopes up as I had already been left out in the cold before. However, we finally went out to eat and the conversation and laughter was still flowing at this point, which is a shocker to me because people will go in with sooo many expectations and end up disappointed in the end. But for some reason sitting at that table I felt no spark, I didn’t get butterflies, nor did I feel like this is someone I could potentially see myself with for the long haul. It resulted in us seeing each other one more weekend before I went on vacation and then finally cut off all communication with him as well as parting ways with POF. 

Like I stated before god is taking his time making this special man for me as I am still being molded for him as well.

Carla said...

Yes, that first guy was definitely a jerk. Only cowards and FBs use those type of excuses to get out of a date. Trust me, he did you a favor honey.

I'm glad the second experience was much more pleasant, even though you didn't get those sparks that you were hoping for. As you mentioned, God has you on his time. Enjoy the journey. You'll get there and the wait will be so worth it.

Disa Chantel said...

FACT: i met my husband on OK Cupid, on some serious randomness! But i definitely agree with Carla's comment above. The journey can be so much fun if you take a step back and enjoy it. ;)

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