2014-2016: Counting my Blessings

All I can say is that I’m thankful for god for directing my path along this journey of mine, as most of you know in 2014 I moved into my first apartment with me and my daughter in tow. It was a big accomplishment since me buying my first car back in 2012 [click here if you haven’t read it]. I’ve been telling myself every year that I’m going to accomplish something new and continue to prosper in my life as long as god is guiding my direction. In 2015 I moved into my first house, a nice three bedroom, two bathroom home. It’s my little house on the hill [I plan to do a home tour from the pictures of when I first moved in up until 2017 more than likely because I’m not done updating the inside]. & Now in 2016 I am blessed again to buy a new car and replace the old car that was bought in 2012 [a used impala that had about 99,000 miles on it to a new 2016 Honda civic coupe with 0 miles on it].

I continue to pray to god and thank him for all he’s done, sometimes I seriously don’t know how I got so blessed but I continue to walk in the path he’s directing and never questioning what he has for me is for me. I’ve had my new car for months now but just decided to share that no matter what you may be going through or been through god is always there guiding your path and making sure you are prepared for the blessings he presents to you. I know that the last two things on my list deal with me eventually going back to school and finish my last year but right now my work schedule isn’t flexible enough nor am I down for taking any more loans but I know that the time will come. I’m accomplishing everything I set out that I would little by little and I know the next steps are to finish school and eventually get married. That last part is another story for another day however.

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