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Him: Potential Rapist.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation to where you start questioning your self because you saw all the warning signs but you didn’t take heed to them? I’m not saying as women we should blame ourselves when we are put into situations like this but we have to start listening to our instincts more because mine were going off loud and clear but I still thought it was ok for us to chill up until he begun getting a little more aggressive and then said “oh so you want to fight” while forcing kisses upon me.... this is where I went into panic mode. I had to think quickly and luckily he calmed down with me asking questions of where is this going? Are you looking for a relationship with me? It was weird questions that I begin asking my potential attacker but in that moment I was scared for my life. I was one of many lucky women who got out of the situation by derailing with questions and stating that I needed to get back to my friends. This situation haunted me for months on end after it happened.... not only were we friends on twitter at the time but Instagram as well. He eventually deleted me a week later and I was thankful for that because I blocked him on EVERY social media platform that I had and I still do to this day if he pops up.

I have only told one person about this story and I didn’t know if I would truly be open to sharing it. But I feel there is a lot of people or women that come across my blog and if I can help someone by telling my experience or what I’ve been through I will. Young adults don’t understand how men and women can prey on them and take advantage in a split second and have you damaged for the rest of your life. If you feel that someone isn’t right.... go with that instinct and run as fast as you can.

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Sunday Motivation

From A Wildflower

One of the many blogs that I follow [FromA Wildflower] and adore has featured me in their 100 Millennial Lifestyle Bloggers of Color and to say I’m honored is an understatement. I know a lot of times I will go on these disappearing acts and then I end up not blogging for half of the year or maybe even a year at a time but I’m thankful that people still find my little corner in the blogging world and still enjoy the content and what I have to offer to many people out there reading blogs still. Please check out the post over at  [From A Wildflower] and these other amazing bloggers as well.

Also my blog roll has been updated of some of these beautiful and amazing women. Thank you guys @ From A Wildflower, especially KimberlyLuxe.

Sunday Motivation

If no one else tells you today, just a reminder.

Him: Plenty of Fish

So this installment of him is about my experience with online dating, as most of you know I’m single but of course I’ve been entertaining the idea of having someone in my life. Clearly god is taking his time making this special man for me as I am still being molded for him as well. However, let me not sidetrack you guys with my god and me and get to the point of this him.

I recently tried out POF [Plenty of Fish] at the beginning of the year and all I can say was that it was whirlwind of weirdo’s and then some potentially nice men. I heard about this site through my best friend and thought “hey let me give it a try” since in this generation most people are finding their loved ones 3,000 miles away or even online but in the same area as they live in. However, being on this site for maybe a month or so I agree to two dates.

The first date was with a guy who was simply a jerk, the conversation and communication was amazing between us or so I thought up until our date. He took me to the movies to see Deadpool [which was an amazing movie] however, in the middle of the movie not even 30 minutes in he stated he had an emergency and that his daughter was in the ER. I told him it was fine and to go handle his business, he kept apologizing and even had the nerve to show me a picture of his daughter in the ER. The reason for me saying he had the nerve is wait for was all a lie to get out of the date, his daughter was never in the ER, the picture was old and dated but I’m guessing she was the excuse he used to get out of MANY dates with women because of course after watching the movie alone I called him the next day and of course I was blocked. His status on POF eventually changed from looking for something serious to just looking for fun. I can’t say my self-esteem didn’t take a hit because it did but I still pressed on hoping to give the site another chance.

This brings us to date number two, me and this guy started off sending lengthy messages on POF before it escalated to us texting and calling each other late at night with amazing conversations. I already knew not to get my hopes up as I had already been left out in the cold before. However, we finally went out to eat and the conversation and laughter was still flowing at this point, which is a shocker to me because people will go in with sooo many expectations and end up disappointed in the end. But for some reason sitting at that table I felt no spark, I didn’t get butterflies, nor did I feel like this is someone I could potentially see myself with for the long haul. It resulted in us seeing each other one more weekend before I went on vacation and then finally cut off all communication with him as well as parting ways with POF. 

Like I stated before god is taking his time making this special man for me as I am still being molded for him as well.

2014-2016: Counting my Blessings

All I can say is that I’m thankful for god for directing my path along this journey of mine, as most of you know in 2014 I moved into my first apartment with me and my daughter in tow. It was a big accomplishment since me buying my first car back in 2012 [click here if you haven’t read it]. I’ve been telling myself every year that I’m going to accomplish something new and continue to prosper in my life as long as god is guiding my direction. In 2015 I moved into my first house, a nice three bedroom, two bathroom home. It’s my little house on the hill [I plan to do a home tour from the pictures of when I first moved in up until 2017 more than likely because I’m not done updating the inside]. & Now in 2016 I am blessed again to buy a new car and replace the old car that was bought in 2012 [a used impala that had about 99,000 miles on it to a new 2016 Honda civic coupe with 0 miles on it].

I continue to pray to god and thank him for all he’s done, sometimes I seriously don’t know how I got so blessed but I continue to walk in the path he’s directing and never questioning what he has for me is for me. I’ve had my new car for months now but just decided to share that no matter what you may be going through or been through god is always there guiding your path and making sure you are prepared for the blessings he presents to you. I know that the last two things on my list deal with me eventually going back to school and finish my last year but right now my work schedule isn’t flexible enough nor am I down for taking any more loans but I know that the time will come. I’m accomplishing everything I set out that I would little by little and I know the next steps are to finish school and eventually get married. That last part is another story for another day however.

L Review: Halo Top Ice Cream

I have a major sweet tooth and with having a sweet tooth for anything chocolate or ice cream I’m always looking to try something new. But when I came across this recent fad I gave in and tried it [I wasn’t a fan of talenti when that fad was going on, to me I’ve had a lot of gelato living in Germany most of my life and that definitely doesn’t taste like the amazing gelato I’ve received].

However, Halo Vanilla Bean lived up to the hype and much more. Most vanilla bean ice creams (breyers, as an example) have the nasty particles of bean within the ice cream and it leaves a god-awful after taste. Halo doesn’t however, its nice and smooth and amazing to the taste. I’ve never been more excited about an ice cream that contains protein and only 240 calories per pint up until now, I haven’t got my hands on any other flavors and I’m not sure if I want to since vanilla bean was simply amazing I don’t want to destroy my excitement by trying other flavors and then being disappointed. If anyone else has tried any other flavors of halo top please let me know so I can know which flavor to try next.

Halo Top Vanilla Bean 

Happy 1st Birthday to Zoey

This post is late but the weekend of Sept 17th I went to my niece’s first birthday, it was bitter sweet being back where I once grew up at [Fayetteville, NC]. However, the party was beautiful and she was happy and that’s all that matters. More pictures will be posted below: 


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