New Camera, New Photography? That sounds all but too cliché huh, lol.

Recently, I did splurge a little and bought a Canon t2i, I thought it was time that I upgrade to a camera with full video mode and come back to what I use to love doing, taking photos. When Chasity was born I took pictures of every and any thing the camera was connected to my hip as well as my iPhone but after she turned 2 she wasn’t at all excited about taking photos and neither was I for some reason so I just became sheltered a little. Lately I’ve been trying to build back up my momentum as well as share a little more then what I’ve been sharing before so if you wanted to check out my Flickr account that’s where I plan to share more photography as well as updates on here but for now Flickr would be the main location. 

Recent Photos I took today for my sister's prom [she was beautiful, my mother also made the dress]: 

Him: Blast From the Past

Recently an old fling that I dealt with about two years ago reached out to me, last I heard he was in a relationship so when I got a text message from him saying “Hey beautiful, I’ve been looking for you and I’m now a single man” I gave the side eye to that text but proceeded with caution before responding.

At this point we’ve been communicating for about a month or so and I already see why I stopped talking to him so many years ago, inconsistency. You would think any man that is trying to pursue you and “not lose you again” would be open to communication, trying to make an effort to go out on dates or even show you that he is interested beyond what he’s typing or saying but actions. But like any parent tells you when growing up “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me”.

This morning while checking on recent blog updates Men Can’t Let Go by G L Lambert [amazing blog and books, check it out] came up and it was like an answer to everything I have been thinking, I know my worth but I had almost fell in to that cycle that I fought so hard to get out of and that was settling. We as women sometimes find comfort in getting back in to an old flame or situation because it’s familiar and we don’t like the unknown. But I rather deal with the unknown than deal with a situation that I was in before.... there’s a reason for why you stopped talking to someone or dealing with their antics and even though I second-guessed myself and had a moment of weakness I am focused and determined to continue on the path I’ve been on. 

LWM : April Playlist

Instead of music spotlight I decided to make Life With Mia playlists each month featuring the top 5 songs I've been playing constantly all month. Enjoy ! :) 

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