Am I Dating Too Much?

I know lately I have posted a lot of things pertaining to relationships and what I may be going through right now in my life but one thing that stood out the most is my current “dating” situation. I really don’t know if I would call it a situation but this has been the most I have dated in my entire twenty-seven years of living. I am not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing to admit to.  

Let me just be honest, in the past month I have been on at least 3-4 dates and not one of these dates turned into a second date and that’s pretty much by choice [by the end of the night I have already come to the conclusion that I have no feelings or connection with the person I just shared a meal + small talk with and a couple of laughs, which sucks but happens more often that I would like to say]. 

The more I go out on these date the more I feel as though maybe I am searching for something that I should not be looking for [everything should come natural and not forced] so that has put me back into the space I was in before, happy being single. One thing that I can admit to is that I have been the happiest I have ever been in the last two years being single, it gave me the time and drive to realize what it is I want out of life in more ways than one. 

Question is was I dating too much? Maybe or maybe not, who’s to say? I just know when that right person comes along for me I will not have to question it, search for it, or even second-guess it I will know.

Sunday Motivation | Happy Easter!

Family Vacation : Myrtle Beach

Just a quick update, Chassy & I recently took a weekend trip to the beach since the last time I took her was in 2013 [previous post click here]. It was peaceful, weather was great, food was amazing, however, she was scared of the ocean, which was weird and funny. As soon as we hit the water she took off running as soon as the tides rolled in. Hopefully I can take her back again this summer. :)

This & That : Foundation Woes

21 is the age that I started exploring foundations, concealers, and eye shadows. I’ve always been confident about my appearance but if there was things that I could change or explore with make up I was all for it. The only problem is when I started out I only trusted and used one foundation or concealer and that was Mary Kay Bronze 607, the best make up I could ever use in my life however, after they discontinued this shade it was becoming harder and harder to find someone who still had this shade. The new Mary Kay formulas are too oily for my already oily skin so I was not a fan when they decided to change things up.

Foundation. “Beauty and makeup and color is like the finishing touch on everything” –Marc Jacobs

In the past year however, I have become a fan of different drug store and inexpensive foundations [Black Radiance, Brownie – Maybelline Matte Fit Me, Mocha & L’Oreal infallible Pro Matte, Cocoa] and thought I would share for all the women who may have been skeptical about certain brands of foundations to try.
 L'Oreal Infallible Pro Matte -
Black Radiance -
Maybelline Matte Fit Me -

Sunday Motivation

Mommy in Me: Zoo Trip

I absolutely love going to the Zoo and my job offered us a chance at getting a discounted membership last year, which I jumped at. When I got the membership of course is when it started getting cold so I had to wait a few months before Chasity and I could start going [she absolutely loves the zoo too, elephants are her favorite]. 

Thought I would just share some pictures from our recent trip...I’m sure we will take more and more each time we go.

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