Mommy in Me: Christmas Wishlist


Christmas is just about 5 days away and for the first time Chasity had an actual list of things she wanted, from her birthday she was asking for a car and she keeps telling me each day we go to a store that I still haven’t bought it for her. My response to my smart little 3 year old is that “she has to ask Santa and to make sure she continues to be a good little girl”. I’ve also added a dollhouse to the list, a baby and crib, and last but not least her famous cash register that she finds YouTube tutorials of (she watches kids on YouTube tutorials on toys as well as rerun episodes of peppa pig). I can not wait to see her face on Christmas Day, only thing I did not get was her play doh because I am soo tired of picking that up off my floor and she recently got some in the carpet so that’s a no go from now on.

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