Him: High School Sweetheart.

At the age of 15 living in Germany, as a military brat is when I had my first real boyfriend, his name was A. He was the first for a lot of things for me, my first love, the first guy that actually had mutual feelings for me, as well as being my first person that I was ever intimate with. However, everything that starts off good never stays the same especially when your dad is in the military and you moved around a lot, we dated up until I was about 18 because he moved back to the states and I was on my way to another city in Germany. 

Fast-forward to present day, we never really kept in touch but as soon as he was getting married with a child on the way is when I heard from him. It was a shot gun wedding and he was not sure on what he should do but eventually he did indeed marry her and once again I was left with the what ifs and thoughts that maybe we could be together again. He eventually cut me off for years but every time things got rocky with him and his wife he would find my “old number” and text me in hopes that I would respond and I always did but not as a lover but a friend. I finally let go of the “what ifs” and thoughts when I begin dating other guys and actually taking one of them serious.

However, his rocky life always tend to bring him back into the picture with me, at the time I thought I was helping but when I look back at it now I was an enabler, I was leading him to believe that the grass was greener with me but the only thing he needed to do in reality is continue to water his grass and make it work with his wife. The last time I heard from him he was making collages of our pictures together and doing things that a husband should not do, I begin to believe that he thought I would be his mistress in the scheme of things and eventually cut off all communication with him. Enough was enough and I was tired of being there for people at the expense of my own feelings. To him I wish him the best of luck in life. 

I know this was a little short and not detailed enough or as much as I would like 
but this was just the beginning, the next HIMs will bring this series full circle.

kat said...

I like this series already.

I can definitely relate. There's a married man in my life who always finds his way back when things get rocky; unfortunately. I think men like such see certain women as a convenience and a form of comfort; usually those who have had some sort of positive impact on their lives.

I like how you cut him off. In my situation I've tried several times to no avail =/

I can't wait to read the next feature of "Him". I'd love to hear how he's handled you ceasing all communication with him.

Mia J said...

Thank you Kat!
I have missed you so much love, I hope to see some updates from your side of the blog
world soon.

It was hard cutting him off after I had my daughter because at that point in my life I was vulnerable, feeling unwanted, and was letting him into my world about everything that had gone on since we "last spoke".

You're right though most men find some women to be that comfort they are missing or as old folks would say "the one who got away", filling a void that the bride can not fill.

Carla said...

I think we've all been there but what is absolutely important is that we recognized that we were worth sooooo much more!

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