Home Edition: Rent vs Own

This post is long overdue seeing as though I’ve been in my new home since March 2015 and I haven’t really post anything in reference to it except one picture on IG. Before I moved into my new home, I was living in an apartment for about a year and when I say I was growing weary and miserable that’s an understatement. 

When you first move out of your parents house, you’re excited and thrilled for the new journey and having that adult carefree no rules experience however, what people forget to tell you is that the once quiet bedroom you had does not compare to living in an apartment where you can hear your neighbor’s dog, the parties they have, or even them flushing the toilet. You soon start wishing you still lived with your parents but it’s time to grow up. 

Back in March 2014 I was on a quest to move out whether it was in a house or an apartment, the only problem I had was I had wayyyy too much credit and not enough income to match up for a lender to approve me for a loan so I had to settle for an apartment. I was excited to now have my own space but then I begin wondering would I be like my neighbors being in an apartment complex for 15+ years.

By Sept 2014 I had a new job and a new attitude and was on a quest to get that house I desired in the beginning of 2014, it took time, patience, and understanding of my situation that at 26 a lot of people haven’t accomplished what I was trying to accomplish and that was making a home for me and my daughter. I prayed and kept my faith even when I got knocked down a peg or my own father doubting me for good reasons, I had to prove him wrong, I had to make him understand that I was ready and if I didn’t take this chance now it would never happen for me (He is a big supporter and I love him for everything he does for me and advice he gives). So by March 2015, I was signing the papers and closing on my beautiful 3 bedroom, 2 bath home for myself and Chasity. 

The only advice I can give someone who’s trying to decide whether they want to rent or own is that if you have the choice and you are able to invest in your own home, do just that.
Darianne said...

I want to own a home, but not where I am now. Reason why we're waiting. So our apartment will due for now :/ I'm sure your home is beautiful!

Mia J said...

@Darianne; awwwww you're back! I've been looking for your blog and wondering where you have been. But I know exactly what you mean if I didn't have my daughter I'm pretty sure I would have never invested in a house in SC because I would have wanted to live elsewhere but because I have a little family it was time to settle myself down. But you guys are young and in love I say keep going the way you two are, you're a lot further than most people which I've always applauded you for. Thank you love xoxo I plan to sure my little cottage soon. Lol :)

Mia J said...


Carla said...

I completely agree with that last line -- if it's what you want, then it's definitely worth investing in. It took my landlord's complete disregard and disrespect for me to put some things in motion. I had some friends who were really negative about the situation, but I only paid attention to the ones who supported my decision and my need for a home for my children and myself. And here I am -- I couldn't be happier.

And you know what's funny -- some of those same friends are asking me how and what they need to do for homeownership. My response - just Google, do your research, and pray. And I wish them well.

Congratulations on your home! That is a VERY major accomplishment at your age.. or for any age. You're amazing! (:

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