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I had an initial post about my potty training woes that began about two months ago but decided I would finally share now that Chasity has it down pack. My mom was starting to get angry with me because I still was allowing Chasity to drink from her cup. Everyone but myself kept insisting that Chasity thought her cup was a bottle and she wasn’t drinking from it but more so still trying to soothe herself. 

So after Chasity went away for a week I spent that time throwing away every single cup she had so that way when she got back we could dive head first into potty training with no problems. When she returned to my surprise she did not realize that all her cups were gone and now she would be drinking from a big girl cup and having limits on what she consumed and the time she consumed it at (which I’m still not fully there).  

Now with Chasity 2 months shy of her 3rd birthday is fully potty trained, she lets me know when she has to go and even when I put pull ups on her at night she stays dry all day and night (except when I accidently give her juice or milk after 7).  I’m not sure what to do about that one time where she pees at night because my mom is saying stop giving her juice earlier but even then she still has that one midnight or 3 am tinkle, does anyone have any suggestions? Or should I wake up at that time and take her to the potty?

Carla said...

I think every child is different and gets through this at their own pace. She seems to be doing fine. With my children, I would cut the liquids about 2 hours before bedtime and if they were thirsty, it was water and then I'd take them to the potty before bedtime, run the faucet, and it usually makes them go. After about a few weeks, it was ok with minimal accidents.

Good luck to you & baby. She'll get the hang of it.

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