Music Spotlight : The Internet

Currently in rotation is The Internet Ego Death album, thanks to @chrisclassic on IG for putting his fellow followers on. This album has been nothing short of amazing. 
Click the link to take a listen to one of my favorite tracks: The Internet - Get Away

Mommy in Me: Hair Growth

One of the many questions I get about my daughter and her hair is how did I get it to grow? As most of you remember when I first had Chasity she didn’t have much hair but headbands and big bows made it less noticeably of her “short” comings at that moment in her life. The one thing I tell people is…. she was a newborn of course she was not going to have hair at that time and even when she turned one she still didn’t have much hair but I still washed it and kept it moisturized. 

However, over time her hair did begin to grow and these are some of the products I use on her hair, nothing expensive or crazy and I wash her hair maybe 2-3 times a year:

1.    Fantasia IC Maximum Strength Herbal Gro: This stuff smells amazing and I love that you can actually see the herbs within the grease.
2.    Garnier Fructis Hyrda Recharge Shampoo: Amazing Shampoo.
3.    Crème of nature Perfect Edges: Used to tame her edges, doesn’t help.
4.    Curls Passionfruit Curl Control Paste: Used to tame her edges, doesn’t help either so please let me know of some other options ladies I’ve pretty much tried every edge control possible (hicks included).
5.    Johnsons Baby Lotion: weird I know but that’s all I use to use on her hair as a baby and it grew before I started this routine, keeps her hair VERY moisturized.
6.    Garnier Fructis Leave in Conditioner for Sleek & Shine: I’m not a huge fan of this stuff seeing as though it flakes up in her hair no matter how much I massage or seal her hair up. I only use this if I am out of baby lotion. 

Hair Growth: 

Review: Elf Make Up Haul

One thing people do not know about me is that I LOVE make up, I start loving make up when my mom started selling Mary Kay back in 2006. I have always though it was such a beautiful form of expression however, I’m not into it as much as others since it has become such a huge trend and everyone is a make up artist. The only face I want to beat is my own, no pun intended. So recently elf had a sale, I believe everyone loves elf because of them being incredibly cheap and affordable and if you can get 50% off of some of the products on top of them being cheap doesn’t hurt at all. So these are some of the products I received as well as how I like them:

1.    Clear Brow & Lash Mascara : absolutely hated it, did nothing for my brow or lashes.

2.    Make Up Remover Exfoliating Cloths: only used one, not sure how I like them just yet.

3.    Baked Eye shadow Trio in Smoky Sea, Brown Bonanza, & Lavender Love: absolutely love these eye shadows, they go on smooth and last all day.

4.    Super Glossy Lip Shine in Angel, Goddess, & Pink Kiss: Very Sticky, not my favorite but beautiful colors.

5.    Baked Highlighter in Rich Rose: Absolutely beautiful.

6.    Baked Blush in Tan: Not a fan of blush, haven’t used this as of yet.

7.    Lip Exfoliator: Amazing for pulling dead skin off your lips, I live by this exfoliator.

8.  Maximum Coverage Concealer in Tan: Used for highlighting but not the right complexion I needed.

9.    Smudge Pot Cream Eye shadow in Pearls of Wisdom: Amazing eye shadow base, smooth and creamy.

10.  Pressed Mineral Eye shadow in Rockin Out & Heartbreaker: Smooth and beautiful colors.

11.  Lip Liner & Blending Brush in Natural: Not a big fan of this color or the brush.

12. Lipstick in Cheeky & Classy: Not sure of these colors yet.

13. Retractable Kabuki Brush: Not as big as other kabuki brushes & I hate for the brush fibers to shed.

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