40 by 40...again?

I was going through some of my old posts within my blog and realized I still had some goodies left on the blog from 2011-2014 (2012 being the one year were I blogged the most). The one blog that caught my attention was my 40 by 40 list, it was all the things I wanted to do before I was 40 (at that time I was 23 years old, now I’m 27) so I thought I would revist that list since I could only come up with 25 things that I wanted to do at that time.  
1.     Visit Jamaica.
2.     Visit Germany Again.
3.     Go Horseback Riding.
4.     Attend a Fashion's Night Out. (No Longer an Event)
5.    Stay Positive.
6.     Fall in Love everyday if possible.
7.     Just Live. No Worries.
8.     My Own Office.
9.     Establish my career as a teacher then move on to a principal. (Business Major now)
10.  Work out. Stay Healthy.
11.  Take Control of My Asthma.
12.  Visit California.
13.  Ride a bike. Since my traumatic fall off a bike when I was younger I've yet to get on one again, one day.
14.  Wear less weaves. It's become an obsession that I would love to get away from.
15.   Have one romantic Valentine's day.
16.   Learn to cook more.
17.  Get Married.
18.  Go Fishing.
19.   Design my own closet.
20.  Read & Add more books to my collection.
21.  Find sources to my allergies.
22.  Own a home.
23.  Retire by 40 or at least 50.
24.  Learn better writing skills.
25.  Own a car. 

       11 out of 25 is not bad since this list was made 4 years ago, I'm really hoping to get a lot more accomplished over the next few years but right now I'm just focused on becoming a better me.

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