40 by 40...again?

I was going through some of my old posts within my blog and realized I still had some goodies left on the blog from 2011-2014 (2012 being the one year were I blogged the most). The one blog that caught my attention was my 40 by 40 list, it was all the things I wanted to do before I was 40 (at that time I was 23 years old, now I’m 27) so I thought I would revist that list since I could only come up with 25 things that I wanted to do at that time.  
1.     Visit Jamaica.
2.     Visit Germany Again.
3.     Go Horseback Riding.
4.     Attend a Fashion's Night Out. (No Longer an Event)
5.    Stay Positive.
6.     Fall in Love everyday if possible.
7.     Just Live. No Worries.
8.     My Own Office.
9.     Establish my career as a teacher then move on to a principal. (Business Major now)
10.  Work out. Stay Healthy.
11.  Take Control of My Asthma.
12.  Visit California.
13.  Ride a bike. Since my traumatic fall off a bike when I was younger I've yet to get on one again, one day.
14.  Wear less weaves. It's become an obsession that I would love to get away from.
15.   Have one romantic Valentine's day.
16.   Learn to cook more.
17.  Get Married.
18.  Go Fishing.
19.   Design my own closet.
20.  Read & Add more books to my collection.
21.  Find sources to my allergies.
22.  Own a home.
23.  Retire by 40 or at least 50.
24.  Learn better writing skills.
25.  Own a car. 

       11 out of 25 is not bad since this list was made 4 years ago, I'm really hoping to get a lot more accomplished over the next few years but right now I'm just focused on becoming a better me.

Youtube Series: L O V E [FIRST]

I have always been a hopeless romantic. In love with the idea of being in love, day-dreaming about the man I would fall in love with but in reality I've yet to have these feelings. However, before I get totally off subject I have come across the most amazing scripted love series on youtube, FIRST. If you have not checked this series out please do below, from the music to the poetry and the way the cast interacts with each other is beyond amazing. It gives you that sense of hope that love is still genuinely out there for some of us if we are open to accepting it in many forms. 

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