Sunday Motivation

Mommy in Me: Christmas Wishlist


Christmas is just about 5 days away and for the first time Chasity had an actual list of things she wanted, from her birthday she was asking for a car and she keeps telling me each day we go to a store that I still haven’t bought it for her. My response to my smart little 3 year old is that “she has to ask Santa and to make sure she continues to be a good little girl”. I’ve also added a dollhouse to the list, a baby and crib, and last but not least her famous cash register that she finds YouTube tutorials of (she watches kids on YouTube tutorials on toys as well as rerun episodes of peppa pig). I can not wait to see her face on Christmas Day, only thing I did not get was her play doh because I am soo tired of picking that up off my floor and she recently got some in the carpet so that’s a no go from now on.

IPSY. December 2015 Bag

So this month was a little disappointing when it came to my ipsy bag, the only thing I was interested in was the lippie that was sent to me which is a beautiful matte and perfect packaging. Check the pic below of this month’s ipsy bag: 

  • ·      Peony Cosmetics Shadow Trio  ★
  • ·      LATHER honey moisture mask w/ propolis extract ★
  • ·      Klorane Floral Water Make up Remover ★
  • ·      Elizabeth Mott Thank Me Later Eye Shadow Primer ★
  • ·      Pacifica Power of Love Natural Lipstick ★

Him: High School Sweetheart.

At the age of 15 living in Germany, as a military brat is when I had my first real boyfriend, his name was A. He was the first for a lot of things for me, my first love, the first guy that actually had mutual feelings for me, as well as being my first person that I was ever intimate with. However, everything that starts off good never stays the same especially when your dad is in the military and you moved around a lot, we dated up until I was about 18 because he moved back to the states and I was on my way to another city in Germany. 

Fast-forward to present day, we never really kept in touch but as soon as he was getting married with a child on the way is when I heard from him. It was a shot gun wedding and he was not sure on what he should do but eventually he did indeed marry her and once again I was left with the what ifs and thoughts that maybe we could be together again. He eventually cut me off for years but every time things got rocky with him and his wife he would find my “old number” and text me in hopes that I would respond and I always did but not as a lover but a friend. I finally let go of the “what ifs” and thoughts when I begin dating other guys and actually taking one of them serious.

However, his rocky life always tend to bring him back into the picture with me, at the time I thought I was helping but when I look back at it now I was an enabler, I was leading him to believe that the grass was greener with me but the only thing he needed to do in reality is continue to water his grass and make it work with his wife. The last time I heard from him he was making collages of our pictures together and doing things that a husband should not do, I begin to believe that he thought I would be his mistress in the scheme of things and eventually cut off all communication with him. Enough was enough and I was tired of being there for people at the expense of my own feelings. To him I wish him the best of luck in life. 

I know this was a little short and not detailed enough or as much as I would like 
but this was just the beginning, the next HIMs will bring this series full circle.

Music Spotlight: William Singe

As most of you know if you spend enough time exploring Youtube and watching a lot of gurus on the site you come across some very good music. This is what brings me to my next music spotlight, the very talented William Singe. His renditions of a lot of hot urban songs are what made me fall in love with him not only that I can actually listen to the lyrics of each song now since he sings them. Check out his rendition of “Flex by Rich Homie Quan” below: 

Him: The Series

Lately I’ve been coming up with a lot of ideas that I would like to share on my blog however, life sometimes takes over and I am unable to blog for weeks at a time. However, one of the new series besides my ipsy reviews will be HIM. Over the years I’ve dated and had relationships with very different men and I would love to share my experience with everyone that comes across my blog.

I do believe that I will be able to touch a lot of men or women who are dating or recently single and have been through something that has traumatized them. I have always been open with everything I share on my blog and I will never change that so sharing my experiences will be no different. The first segment of him, the series will be posted soon titled Him: High School Sweetheart.

IPSY. November 2015 Bag

    This year I have been trying to decide which monthly subscription box I wanted to try since they have become so popular. However, I could not decide whether I wanted to try out bircbox, ipsy, wal mart beauty box, and some others I came across. After much consideration and talking to others who have been monthly subscribers to all I opted for ipsy. I was very impressed with my first “glam bag” as ipsy calls it, not only is the bag beautiful but it was filled with amazing goodies that I plan to review each month. Check November's Bag out below: 

    • Tucker Ashley – Perfecting Moisturizer ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    • DERMELECT – “ME” Peptide Infused Lacque ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    • Beaute Basics – Sahara Gold Chubby Eyeshadow Pencil  ★ ★ ★
    • Smashbox Cosmetics – Full Exposure Mascara ★ ★ ★
    • Tre’StiQue – Mini Matte Lip Crayon ★ ★

    Sunday Motivation

    Mommy in Me: 3 years.

    Happy 3rd Birthday to Chasity Nicole!
    You are such an amazing little human being.
    Before you were born, I dreamed of you, I imagined you, I prayed for you.
    Now that you are here, I hope for you, I love you, and I thank god for you.

    Sunday Motivation

    Home Edition: Rent vs Own

    This post is long overdue seeing as though I’ve been in my new home since March 2015 and I haven’t really post anything in reference to it except one picture on IG. Before I moved into my new home, I was living in an apartment for about a year and when I say I was growing weary and miserable that’s an understatement. 

    When you first move out of your parents house, you’re excited and thrilled for the new journey and having that adult carefree no rules experience however, what people forget to tell you is that the once quiet bedroom you had does not compare to living in an apartment where you can hear your neighbor’s dog, the parties they have, or even them flushing the toilet. You soon start wishing you still lived with your parents but it’s time to grow up. 

    Back in March 2014 I was on a quest to move out whether it was in a house or an apartment, the only problem I had was I had wayyyy too much credit and not enough income to match up for a lender to approve me for a loan so I had to settle for an apartment. I was excited to now have my own space but then I begin wondering would I be like my neighbors being in an apartment complex for 15+ years.

    By Sept 2014 I had a new job and a new attitude and was on a quest to get that house I desired in the beginning of 2014, it took time, patience, and understanding of my situation that at 26 a lot of people haven’t accomplished what I was trying to accomplish and that was making a home for me and my daughter. I prayed and kept my faith even when I got knocked down a peg or my own father doubting me for good reasons, I had to prove him wrong, I had to make him understand that I was ready and if I didn’t take this chance now it would never happen for me (He is a big supporter and I love him for everything he does for me and advice he gives). So by March 2015, I was signing the papers and closing on my beautiful 3 bedroom, 2 bath home for myself and Chasity. 

    The only advice I can give someone who’s trying to decide whether they want to rent or own is that if you have the choice and you are able to invest in your own home, do just that.

    Review: Tiny Tea Detox

    Since giving birth to my daughter 3 years ago my body has been on a up and down hill battle from me going small to big to small to big again. Most wouldn't think I'm big but I know my body and this is not the size I should be and sometimes it can get depressing. However just like most people in the world we want to TRY everything to help us with our insecurities. Tiny Tea Detox is one of the many teas I have been trying and I absolutely love this tea (no this is not a sponsored review, I paid for this with my own funds). The one thing I love about this tea is that it does not have crazy side effects; it’s soothing and very tasty w/ a hint of honey. However, do not believe that these teas help you lose weight quick because they DO NOT but they do cleanse your body of any toxins and actually help process other foods you eat. 

    The magical blend of the TinyTea is based upon traditional Chinese Medicine principles with delicately balanced herbs that are designed to nourish and cleanse the digestive system.
    In Chinese Medicine, the digestive system is the pivot of health. Nourishing this will allow your body to achieve optimum physical, aesthetic and emotional health.
    14 day TinyTea aims to restore your body back to its original health before modern day lifestyles, sugars, fats, stress, inactivity and emotions take a toll on it. –via

    Music Spotlight : Drew Anthuny


    Drew Anthuny has become one of my favorite artists after being introduced to him on the Youtube Series First. He brings back the sultry R&B that I fell in love with in the 90s-00s. You can take a listen to one of hits below:  

    10 Facts About Me

    1.    I have always hated my name and told my mom when I turned 18 I was going to change it (which I never did I just embraced my name and eventually shut up about it).  
    2.    I lived in Europe for 6 years.
    3.    I have extreme road rage & mini rants in the car because I feel like that’s where I express my frustrations the best.
    4.    I’m a homebody; I can stay in the house and be content with doing just that.
    5.    I’ve always been self-conscious about my weight or how I look, even though most would believe I am comfortable in my body.
    6.    My daughter is my greatest gift, sometimes I look at her or pictures and find myself crying because she’s such an amazing and pure soul.
    7.    I’m scared of being alone. Every woman on my dad’s side of his family is either single, never been married, or divorced. I can count on one hand how many of my aunts, cousins, etc are actually married.
    8.    I am completely obsessed with the 90s station on Pandora, one of my absolute favorite eras of music.
    9.    I have 5 tattoos and 7 piercings; to be honest I regret some of my tattoos now that I’m a little older and wiser.
    10.  I have an addiction to tea and wines, weird combination but they are both something I love.

    Mommy in Me : Potty Training Woes


    I had an initial post about my potty training woes that began about two months ago but decided I would finally share now that Chasity has it down pack. My mom was starting to get angry with me because I still was allowing Chasity to drink from her cup. Everyone but myself kept insisting that Chasity thought her cup was a bottle and she wasn’t drinking from it but more so still trying to soothe herself. 

    So after Chasity went away for a week I spent that time throwing away every single cup she had so that way when she got back we could dive head first into potty training with no problems. When she returned to my surprise she did not realize that all her cups were gone and now she would be drinking from a big girl cup and having limits on what she consumed and the time she consumed it at (which I’m still not fully there).  

    Now with Chasity 2 months shy of her 3rd birthday is fully potty trained, she lets me know when she has to go and even when I put pull ups on her at night she stays dry all day and night (except when I accidently give her juice or milk after 7).  I’m not sure what to do about that one time where she pees at night because my mom is saying stop giving her juice earlier but even then she still has that one midnight or 3 am tinkle, does anyone have any suggestions? Or should I wake up at that time and take her to the potty?

    Music Spotlight : The Internet

    Currently in rotation is The Internet Ego Death album, thanks to @chrisclassic on IG for putting his fellow followers on. This album has been nothing short of amazing. 
    Click the link to take a listen to one of my favorite tracks: The Internet - Get Away

    Mommy in Me: Hair Growth

    One of the many questions I get about my daughter and her hair is how did I get it to grow? As most of you remember when I first had Chasity she didn’t have much hair but headbands and big bows made it less noticeably of her “short” comings at that moment in her life. The one thing I tell people is…. she was a newborn of course she was not going to have hair at that time and even when she turned one she still didn’t have much hair but I still washed it and kept it moisturized. 

    However, over time her hair did begin to grow and these are some of the products I use on her hair, nothing expensive or crazy and I wash her hair maybe 2-3 times a year:

    1.    Fantasia IC Maximum Strength Herbal Gro: This stuff smells amazing and I love that you can actually see the herbs within the grease.
    2.    Garnier Fructis Hyrda Recharge Shampoo: Amazing Shampoo.
    3.    Crème of nature Perfect Edges: Used to tame her edges, doesn’t help.
    4.    Curls Passionfruit Curl Control Paste: Used to tame her edges, doesn’t help either so please let me know of some other options ladies I’ve pretty much tried every edge control possible (hicks included).
    5.    Johnsons Baby Lotion: weird I know but that’s all I use to use on her hair as a baby and it grew before I started this routine, keeps her hair VERY moisturized.
    6.    Garnier Fructis Leave in Conditioner for Sleek & Shine: I’m not a huge fan of this stuff seeing as though it flakes up in her hair no matter how much I massage or seal her hair up. I only use this if I am out of baby lotion. 

    Hair Growth: 

    Review: Elf Make Up Haul

    One thing people do not know about me is that I LOVE make up, I start loving make up when my mom started selling Mary Kay back in 2006. I have always though it was such a beautiful form of expression however, I’m not into it as much as others since it has become such a huge trend and everyone is a make up artist. The only face I want to beat is my own, no pun intended. So recently elf had a sale, I believe everyone loves elf because of them being incredibly cheap and affordable and if you can get 50% off of some of the products on top of them being cheap doesn’t hurt at all. So these are some of the products I received as well as how I like them:

    1.    Clear Brow & Lash Mascara : absolutely hated it, did nothing for my brow or lashes.

    2.    Make Up Remover Exfoliating Cloths: only used one, not sure how I like them just yet.

    3.    Baked Eye shadow Trio in Smoky Sea, Brown Bonanza, & Lavender Love: absolutely love these eye shadows, they go on smooth and last all day.

    4.    Super Glossy Lip Shine in Angel, Goddess, & Pink Kiss: Very Sticky, not my favorite but beautiful colors.

    5.    Baked Highlighter in Rich Rose: Absolutely beautiful.

    6.    Baked Blush in Tan: Not a fan of blush, haven’t used this as of yet.

    7.    Lip Exfoliator: Amazing for pulling dead skin off your lips, I live by this exfoliator.

    8.  Maximum Coverage Concealer in Tan: Used for highlighting but not the right complexion I needed.

    9.    Smudge Pot Cream Eye shadow in Pearls of Wisdom: Amazing eye shadow base, smooth and creamy.

    10.  Pressed Mineral Eye shadow in Rockin Out & Heartbreaker: Smooth and beautiful colors.

    11.  Lip Liner & Blending Brush in Natural: Not a big fan of this color or the brush.

    12. Lipstick in Cheeky & Classy: Not sure of these colors yet.

    13. Retractable Kabuki Brush: Not as big as other kabuki brushes & I hate for the brush fibers to shed.

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