Family Vacation : Orlando, Florida.

A week after my birthday we had plans to visit Florida. We had this vacation planned since last year because my sister was tired of going to Myrtle Beach and visiting their “dirty water” as she calls it so we opt to go to Orlando, FL for the first time in 8 years. I was clearly excited due to last time I went I got food poisoning and ended up sick and unable to enjoy Disney and/or anything else but this time I was ready especially with a little one in tow!

The ride was long and I was exhausted beyond measure by the time we got to Florida, one thing I never realized is how hot and uncomfortable Florida can get. The stay at the Star Island Resort was beautiful, that may have been the best part of our trip while staying there a week. Disney wasn’t as interesting as I remember and I was disappointed and also the people in the area are rather rude and obnoxious I believe at one point my mom almost whooped on a lady at the Disney store who did not know the words “excuse me” so we were really over this trip and probably will not make any plans to go back. But please enjoy the pictures I took, lol.


nice pics, so cute :)

Kay said...

I love the pictures. I plan on visiting next year, god willing.

Angel said...

How beautiful! I cannot wait until my flight lands in Orlando on Monday.. I am too excited! I've never visited the city, let alone FL.

Looks like you had an amazing time. Cute baby, BTW!

shacs said...

I adore the photos. Despite the rudeness of others, sounds looks like you had a great time. Man, that would have been a story to tell if your mom had to whoop on that woman, lol.

Miya said...

Looks like you 2 had fun! she's so cute!

Thanks for the B/F advice! I'm gonna give it a try. & Girrlll yes when they start biting. It's a done deal lol


Shannon said...

Beautiful family!

I've never been to Florida but from time to time I consider moving there.

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