April Woes.

I have finally broke down and invested in another laptop, Toshiba Touch Screen Windows 8 laptop to be exact. This definitely would not be my first choice since I was finally an avid macbook user. However, a month prior my macbook malfunctioned on me and they wanted $600 to fix it. 

I've had my macbook since 2008/2009 so most would say it was "time" to get a new laptop or just break down and pay to get it fix. But I couldn't, my budget wouldn't allow it so I had to sell it as is and made a hasty purchase of a windows laptop due to having online classes. I truly wished I had taken the time and figure out a different way of going about things because now I have been missing my macbook more than ever and windows just isn't cutting it. Hopefully this year Santa will have a pretty macbook waiting for me under the Christmas tree.

Carla said...

Thankfully, you were able to get something to hold you over so you can get your work done. I hope the semester ended well for you. Take care! (:

Anonymous said...
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Kay said...

Awwweee...I just purchased my first Mac laptop. I shall say it feels like I'm typing in 1st class seats. If that make sense. I got a student discount so it didn't hurt that much to get it. You should look into it.

How did you do this semester?

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