Family Vacation : Orlando, Florida.

A week after my birthday we had plans to visit Florida. We had this vacation planned since last year because my sister was tired of going to Myrtle Beach and visiting their “dirty water” as she calls it so we opt to go to Orlando, FL for the first time in 8 years. I was clearly excited due to last time I went I got food poisoning and ended up sick and unable to enjoy Disney and/or anything else but this time I was ready especially with a little one in tow!

The ride was long and I was exhausted beyond measure by the time we got to Florida, one thing I never realized is how hot and uncomfortable Florida can get. The stay at the Star Island Resort was beautiful, that may have been the best part of our trip while staying there a week. Disney wasn’t as interesting as I remember and I was disappointed and also the people in the area are rather rude and obnoxious I believe at one point my mom almost whooped on a lady at the Disney store who did not know the words “excuse me” so we were really over this trip and probably will not make any plans to go back. But please enjoy the pictures I took, lol.

Happy Born Day : 26.


Another year has passed and I am now 26, I do not know if I have fully accepted that I am 4 years shy of my 30th birthday but I guess it is time that I realize that and accept it. For my birthday this year I had a get together at my place and even though it was somewhat last minute one of my best friends made sure it was one to remember no matter what took place that night, I cooked we had drinks and a good time but I think where I failed at was inviting some people over that I worked with. I have learned in the past that you do not mix business and personal because people tend to get the lines blurred and now they “assume” they know you from one interaction of hanging out so that was my mistake and I plan to never make that mistake again. Overall my birthday was quiet and mellow the way my life has been lately and I liked it, I am finally embracing the woman I am meant to be rather than trying to be someone that I clearly am not.


April Woes.

I have finally broke down and invested in another laptop, Toshiba Touch Screen Windows 8 laptop to be exact. This definitely would not be my first choice since I was finally an avid macbook user. However, a month prior my macbook malfunctioned on me and they wanted $600 to fix it. 

I've had my macbook since 2008/2009 so most would say it was "time" to get a new laptop or just break down and pay to get it fix. But I couldn't, my budget wouldn't allow it so I had to sell it as is and made a hasty purchase of a windows laptop due to having online classes. I truly wished I had taken the time and figure out a different way of going about things because now I have been missing my macbook more than ever and windows just isn't cutting it. Hopefully this year Santa will have a pretty macbook waiting for me under the Christmas tree.

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