I find myself wondering where my life is going and if this is really how things are going to play out for me. I have took another break from school and I am still undecided on what I want to do, after I had Chasity I thought I could go back to school and handle her and school but it became overwhelming and a little stressful to where I could not even keep up. It pains me to have to stop all over again but my life has changed and at this point all I can do is adapt, I had to get back to work even though I was making more money continuing my education I was failing miserably on juggling the two.  However, now the time has come again where I try to find another job and I have been failing miserably at that as well so my thoughts are to go back to school and continue towards my degree or move to a new location after this year to better my situation for me and her. I have no clue where our life together is going but I have put it in god’s hands he has not led me down any wrong paths so far so I do not think he will start now. I will keep you guys updated on what my decision will be but as of now I am just trying to come to terms with the decisions I am making for the life and if they have been the right ones.


I wrote this last year and never posted it, I was going through a trying time in my life and I seriously didn’t know what was going to happen with Chasity and myself. However, since I’ve written this post I have went back to school and I graduate in December with my BA in Business. I’m very proud of myself for not giving up fully on school, I work all the time now with more pay and more hours but I have been handling work, school, and my daughter quite well. We have also found a place for us to live which has not been easy, I have been trying and trying to buy a house but for some reason I haven’t had much luck so I finally decided on an apartment in which we move into in about 3 weeks. Last year around this time I wanted to move out, be on my own but god was not ready for me to be on my own and I believe now he’s ready, he’s opening doors for me I never thought would open and I’m so very proud of myself for being patience and wanting until my season. 

Kay said...

Your old post reminds me of what I went through after savannah was born. I am now back in school and graduating in June. God has his plans. Let him work it out. The stress is expected, I have no doubt you will succeed. Go girl!

Carla said...

Trust me, I know the feeling all too well. I must say that I admire your perseverance. I'm quite proud of you!

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