Music Spotlight: Daley


It’s been quite some time since I did a music spotlight, actually about a year since I last did one. In the past year there has been continuous amounts of music that has came out but I still find R&B to be my heart and soul and when I find artist who attribute to that I fall in love. Daley happens to be one of those artist that I found myself falling in love with, Alone Together has been heard all over the radio and tv’s and I just can’t fathom how anyone could have something bad to say about his music. You can check him out above as well as his EP’s that have been recently released. 

Happy Birthday Chassy [Late Post].

Happy 1st Birthday Moo Moo, I love you! Always and forever. She enjoyed her birthday and I was glad I could celebrate her life with family and friends, she is truly a loved little girl.


The day you became mine, I became yours.

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