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I clearly have an addiction to cases and buttons and everything dealing with my iphone. At first when I bought my phone I barely kept a case on it or anything but when I cracked the screen and had to dish out $200 for a replacement I realized just how important cases were to me.

Here are some of my favorite cases and also favorite sellers on ebay…I pay maybe $1.37-$4.00 per case which is why I collect so many, they’re cheap but durable and cute : 


10 & 11 Month Update

*She has such a beautiful and goofy personality already. I'm truly blessed. 

After 9 months of being with mommy, Chasity has started daycare. In the beginning when I first put her on the waiting list I did not think they would call so soon, she was not suppose to get an opening slot until 11 months to where she would start off in the transitioning room until she made it to the the big girl (1-2 year old) room. 1 years old? Can you believe how fast time has flown? The first thing I looked for was safe environment, clean, healthy, a great curriculum, not easy access, and among other things. That is when I went with Hope Academy so far her stay there has been a tough one especially being a breastfeed baby she is not too fond of going to other people however, she's been there for almost 3 months now and she's loving it now! Every morning she wakes me up letting me know it's time to get her ready and off to school...it's the most adorable thing I've witnessed. She's also become a lot more playful and she's going to more people now which is a plus. She now has 7 teeth one coming it at the bottom with the other 2 which has also made breastfeeding harder because she's chomping down on my nipple so I think it's time I ween her off. Any suggestions on how to do this or should I simply just take her off? Every child is different and I mean she spends all day at daycare without it so I don't think it will be that hard of a transition but all suggestions are helpful. 

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