7 – 9 Month Update


Month Seven: By this month Chasity has discovered how to feed herself, attempting to walk, going to bed later at night but still sleeping through the night. She has also discovered the park and slide which she absolutely loves however, she doesn't like playing with toys or dolls.

Month Eight: She's learned how to walk!

Month Nine: Daycare adventures have started which I'm sure I will do a single blog about this and how to go about choosing the right daycare for your child as well as a blog on breastfeeding. 

FriendlyVirgo said...

She Perfect. My daughter was interested in girly things until she was 2. But she loved toys that sing and light up though.

Shakemia Meekyleia said...

Thank you so much love. I have no clue what to do with the toys, like I've tried the light up and singing but nothing is keeping her interest however, when I drop her off at daycare she's always playing with their toys and it tends to be something as simple as a lego block, lol. Maybe I will invest in some legos.

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