Music Spotlight : Lorde

Lorde - Royals 

The first time I heard of Lorde was during my best friend's birthday weekend, it's been years since I listened to the radio but her voice caught my attention as we rode through Charlotte. Her song Royals is very catch and her tune is different which intrigued me to find out who this girl was. I may be late but make sure you guys check out her album Pure Heroine.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays. Be safe

This & That: Lipstick Woos.

I've always been into makeup however, when it comes to lipstick I was never a fan until I came across matte lipstick while wandering around the MAC counter. Matte Lipstick in my opinion turns heads, it's beautiful, it's bold and it just feels right. So thanks to loyal blogger Miss Dre at So She Writes she was able to direct me to the less expensive ($1.99/a tube) Wet n Wild MegaLast Matte Lipstick compared to the MAC Matte Lipsticks ($15.00/a tube) and I have to say I haven't been able to give them a good whirl but I'm in love the colors are very bold and the moisture that they contain while still holding the matte look is impressive to me (*as some of you know Matte Lipsticks can dry out your lips if not moisturize properly). Will be adding more to my collection soon.

The Colors: 
+ Don't Blink Pink 
+ Bare it All 
+ Mocha - licious 
+ Cherry Bomb

Music Spotlight: Daley


It’s been quite some time since I did a music spotlight, actually about a year since I last did one. In the past year there has been continuous amounts of music that has came out but I still find R&B to be my heart and soul and when I find artist who attribute to that I fall in love. Daley happens to be one of those artist that I found myself falling in love with, Alone Together has been heard all over the radio and tv’s and I just can’t fathom how anyone could have something bad to say about his music. You can check him out above as well as his EP’s that have been recently released. 

Happy Birthday Chassy [Late Post].

Happy 1st Birthday Moo Moo, I love you! Always and forever. She enjoyed her birthday and I was glad I could celebrate her life with family and friends, she is truly a loved little girl.


The day you became mine, I became yours.

iPhone 5 Cases


I clearly have an addiction to cases and buttons and everything dealing with my iphone. At first when I bought my phone I barely kept a case on it or anything but when I cracked the screen and had to dish out $200 for a replacement I realized just how important cases were to me.

Here are some of my favorite cases and also favorite sellers on ebay…I pay maybe $1.37-$4.00 per case which is why I collect so many, they’re cheap but durable and cute : 


10 & 11 Month Update

*She has such a beautiful and goofy personality already. I'm truly blessed. 

After 9 months of being with mommy, Chasity has started daycare. In the beginning when I first put her on the waiting list I did not think they would call so soon, she was not suppose to get an opening slot until 11 months to where she would start off in the transitioning room until she made it to the the big girl (1-2 year old) room. 1 years old? Can you believe how fast time has flown? The first thing I looked for was safe environment, clean, healthy, a great curriculum, not easy access, and among other things. That is when I went with Hope Academy so far her stay there has been a tough one especially being a breastfeed baby she is not too fond of going to other people however, she's been there for almost 3 months now and she's loving it now! Every morning she wakes me up letting me know it's time to get her ready and off to's the most adorable thing I've witnessed. She's also become a lot more playful and she's going to more people now which is a plus. She now has 7 teeth one coming it at the bottom with the other 2 which has also made breastfeeding harder because she's chomping down on my nipple so I think it's time I ween her off. Any suggestions on how to do this or should I simply just take her off? Every child is different and I mean she spends all day at daycare without it so I don't think it will be that hard of a transition but all suggestions are helpful. 

First Beach Trip.

We were finally able to go on a family vacation this summer even though it was to Myrtle Beach and last minute it was still enjoyable. I don't know if any of you remember any pictures I posted last year when I was pregnant and at the beach but it was amazing to come back a year later not pregnant and my bundle of happiness with me. Chasity really enjoyed the beach as well as the sand that she kept eating :(. Here are some that I have kind of updated more blogs on myself to come.


7 – 9 Month Update


Month Seven: By this month Chasity has discovered how to feed herself, attempting to walk, going to bed later at night but still sleeping through the night. She has also discovered the park and slide which she absolutely loves however, she doesn't like playing with toys or dolls.

Month Eight: She's learned how to walk!

Month Nine: Daycare adventures have started which I'm sure I will do a single blog about this and how to go about choosing the right daycare for your child as well as a blog on breastfeeding. 

2 – 6 Month Update

So I decided to break down the months since I was unable to post every month displaying and letting you guys into the first year of mommyhood. The first 6 months breezed by however, it was quite a rollercoaster from breastfeeding to Chasity not being a friendly baby like I thought she would be.

Month One: In the first month Chasity had her days and nights confused so it took a minute to get her to adjust, the only way I could do this was by reversing the days and nights for her. During the day I would try my hardest to keep her up and then at night she would sleep ok but not fully through the night just yet. Which meant a lot of sleepless nights on my own but I would not trade them for the world. Breastfeeding was also difficult in the beginning, she latched on just fine but the pain I felt was hard to bare but I stuck it out as best I could.

Month Two: By month two Chasity was a little more active and talkative (baby cooing), she was sleeping through the nights, learning her hands, and getting a taste for foods now that her doctor said applesauce was fine. She also took her first bath & did wonderful.

Month Three: By month three Chasity was learning how to crawl and saying "hey", I don't think she realized that she was saying it but she truly was.

Month Four: She now had 2 teeth that grew in, crawling still wasn't coming easy however she learned to sit up by herself. This was maybe one of the trying months where she still did not like going to other people besides my mother or myself, I figured it was just because I was breastfeeding but baby's are smart and they know good from bad whether we want to believe it and I believe she could feel the spirit of others which caused her to act out.

Month Five: Chasity was introduced to her first cup.

Month Six: By the 6th month I started introducing Chasity to table foods, mashed potatoes and chicken since she wouldn't eat any of the meats in the jar. She was by now crawling and holding her own cup however, I was still breastfeeding :).

I have a ton of pics of her on Facebook, I tend to take a lot with my iPhone and camera but I didn't want to flood you guys with pictures since there so many.

Feelings Aren’t Mutual

Stop making permanent decisions based off temporary feelings.

This may have been the hardest lesson I had to learn in my 25 years of living, I was making permanent decisions based off MY temporary feelings. I have had maybe 4 real relationships in my lifetime each lasting more than a year or two. What I did not realize is the life lessons that they each taught me to prepare myself for each relationship that took place after those.  

The 10-month tragedy.  After two long years I found myself alone, no dates, no relationships, no one I was interested in, so when this relationship came along I believe like most it was out of pure boredom or being tired of being alone. But now when I look back on everything I went through I would have rather been alone. I have had people continuously tell me about his character, anything that should have been told to me before him came after. This may have been the most trying time in my life I was dealing with a man that was verbally abusive and up until this day he would still be playing the same antics if I had not got out of the situation and taken the right precautions to make sure it never happens again.  No woman should ever have to endure abuse whether it is verbally or physically. There was no love to lose because I was simply not in love. Men can leave you with scars, scars that will not heal, scars that can not be removed but in this case….I was healed and I moved on.

The 8-month rebound. I found myself looking, wanting, and needing affection never in my life had I ever got to this point but I did. When I found this rebound he came with as many issues and problems as I did and instead of me thinking with my head I was thinking with body parts like most men. My body was responding before my mind could and I had no way to control it because I was caught up in this LUST relationship that we were taking part in. However, when I started playing everything back in my head I realized that I was being foolish especially to someone I probably would never take serious in the first place but my body had me trapped thinking I would or that I could. When reality finally set in the feelings I once had were gone, the body responding to him were now gone, that LUST we once shared was no longer apparent to me but he still felt he had a hold on me, which I found funny. He was looking for a relationship but was not looking for one with me so when he finally got one I felt free, I felt disconnect, I finally felt as though whatever it was that we shared meant nothing to either one of us. During this time I believed he was my best friend, someone I could confide in but the same way he would talk to me about other women what makes me believe that he does not do the same about me. So whatever it is that we called ourselves or once shared has diminished. Karma has no set date or time but believe what you do to another will find its way back to you.

Finding Myself Again.  Sadly, I did not know where to begin when I found myself wondering what had went wrong in the past 1.5 years, how did I allow myself to accept such behavior from other people especially people I thought that mattered in my life but in reality they were just “lessons” a stepping stone to better me as a woman. So from this point on I vowed that I would take my time and date, understand the different men that are out there and find myself again. It will take time because at this point I am delicate and fragile so until that ONE comes around that speaks to my soul I will no longer allow myself to fall victim of the smoke screens.

First Weeks Back Home

It’s been almost a year since I’ve last blogged and I feel terrible about it but I guess the myths are right when you finally settle yourself down and have a child there’s no more “me time” it will always and forever will be “we”.  I do not mind that at all however, so I will start with the first blogs I have had written but have not been able to post due to lack of motivation or pictures. I had a beautiful daughter Chasity Nicole on 11/10/2012 @ 5:40 am weighing in at 7 lbs and 2.4 oz. This day will always be a day I will never forget no matter the circumstances or situations I had to go through to get to that date she will always be worth it, I would not change my story.

The first couple of weeks of motherhood were rough but I enjoyed being nestled up to such a beautiful spirit, she did not sleep throughout the night like most mothers wished however, I was able to understand her every need and want when it came down to her little cries or movements. After the first month though I pretty much got her on to a schedule of getting ready for bed at about 6/6:30 starting with bath time then that warm bottle or breast since I am still breastfeeding that we still follow up until now. My life has changed dramatically from no longer thinking about myself to just thinking about us and what I will need to do to better myself for her and make sure she’s taken care of at all expenses.

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