Mommy In Me: Top 5 Places

 So while I've been pregnant I haven't had the crazy cravings and late night runs of wanting peanut butter and ranch or something nasty. However, there's been 5 places that I have been addicted to while pregnant and I have to have at least one place every other week or I seem to go through withdrawals.

5. Cereal - This is not a place that I have been craving however, I have been obsessed with cereal from Pops, Fruit Loops, Frosted Flakes, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I just love cereal more than I ever have.

4. Hickory Point - This is a new gas station that has opened up around the corner from my house and I absolutely love their burgers. If any of my readers really know me outside of my blog knows I do NOT like beef or burgers but I've been obsessed with their bacon cheeseburgers since they've opened up.

3. Sonic's - One thing I've craved from sonic is their chilli cheese fries and chicken strip sandwiches.

2. Charley's - If anyone has ever been a military brat you will know that charley's is a well known place in the food courts across the world and in some malls now. I love their teryaki chicken sub with their gourmet (cheese & bacon) fries, extremely yummy.

1. Chipotle - When I first experienced Chipotle I thought this place was awful and seriously could not understand the hype about it. However, after going back a second time I realized that I made a mistake with getting a steak burrito when I should have went with a chicken bowl, burrito, or tacos. This has become one of my favorite spots. 

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