Mommy in Me: Baby Room II of II

Yaaaay Mommy to be has officially finished Baby Chasity's room, I had a lot of ideas floating around in my mind when I started on her room but overtime my energy slowly diminished. Take a look around her room, I'll try to give information on things I bought and found or just got from the baby shower that made her room complete :)
Only thing left is to hang up some pictures and one that is being drawn of her when she finally arrives, Thanks to David.  

  • Crib, Mattress, & Dresser are all from Walmart  Crib - $154 Mattress - $39 Dresser - $229 
  • Cocalo Bedding (Daniella) - ToysRus - $100 
  • Cocalo Bedding Bumper (Daniella) - Ebay - $25 
  • Lamp - Target - $19.99 
  • Piggy Bank - $5 
  • Picture & Teddy Bear are all things belonging to me when I was a baby 
  • Bouncer - Walmart - $50 
  • Bookshelf - Walmart - $15 
  • Rocking Chair - Belongs to my Parents 
  • Diaper Genie - Target - $40 
  • Whirlpool - Bed, Bath & Beyond - $70
  • Baskets on bookshelf - Target - $8.99 each
Darianne said...

Its soo cute!!!

love, keys said...

it is so adorable! i love the chocolate feel of the furniture!

Shakemia Meekyleia said...

Thank you loves! I seriously didn't know what kind of furniture or anything I wanted but it came together great, I love being in there.

Kay said...

This reminds me of when I as having Savannah. I painted, decorated her room, built shelves right out of a magazine clipping I loved. Her room looks like a dream. Your baby will be a dream. The fact that you went out like this lets me know your baby will be loved and cared for. I'm proud to see this.

Carla said...

This brings back so many memories. So cozy..

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