Mommy in Me: 10

1. Happiness. Being in love. I don't think I've ever been in love in my life until I found out I was pregnant, this is a love that's unexplainable the only thing I can do is cry when I think of her. I feel like I owe her my life because she's given me such joy in such a short amount of time. The heartbeat, the kicks, the struggle of knowing I had to let go of something so foul to be blessed with something so beautiful. When people say you do not understand a mother's love until you become a mother, they are right.

10. One thing I learned while being pregnant is that everyone loves to try to give you advice on how things will be but in reality every woman and every pregnancy is different. 
9. Stress. I did not have to deal with much stress during my pregnancy even though most people would have loved to see me stress or even go through some kind of bad emotions but I remained happy the entire time. I take this as a blessing whether I'm alone in this journey or not, this is my testimony.
8. Gas. I have stated this before and I'll state it again, gas is no joke in pregnancy. I believe it's a way that your baby communicates with you lol silly I know but I feel that is what she's doing and pregnancy gas is on a different level of funk.
7. Work. I seriously thought I would be able to work all the way up until my due date but I only made it to my 7 month when my back and other body parts begin to hurt from standing and being at work for long periods of time.
6. School. Do I continue my education? or do I take a break? I took the summer off to work and just enjoy the summer but as soon as Fall rolled around I was back at school however, online classes was really my only option since I walked 4-6 blocks when I was in school before pregnancy.
5. Emotions. Most women experience dramatic mood changes or lashing out at people but I believe that my emotions stayed in tact for the most part. I wasn't happy with people or their way of thinking but I remained calm and not let others get to me with their stupidity.
4. Dr. Appts. One thing I hated was waiting for my doctor appointments when it was only once a month, time seem to go by so slow and I hated waiting to know what was going on with my bundle of joy and even me. I think my most scariest experience was when I was tested for diabetes in pregnancy.
3. Food & Weight Gain. Mind over Matter, most women believe because you are "eating for two" means eat everything in sight and you'll be just fine because "hey, you're pregnant" but with me I was afraid of weight gain. Before my pregnancy I wasn't the smallest thing walking around but for the most part I was happy with my size. However, when I got pregnant it made me self conscience about what to expect but luckily I've only gained the normal 18-20 lbs.
2. Woman. Are you ready to become a woman? Are you ready to give up your needs for someone else? I am.


For my german food and candy lovers:
I came across a site recently called and I instantly fell in love.
I lived in Germany for about 6 years of my life and I have to admit now that I'm older I appreciate the life I lived over there and the experience I got while being in that world but what I miss the most is their candy and other goodies I could get my hands on while living there.

The best part of Germany that I will forever remember is their cuisine whether it was candy, ice cream, or the food. The US Haribo is nothing compared to the one in Germany and I have to admit I was pretty skeptical when I placed my order but the shipping was fast, the packaging was beautiful, and everything I wanted was in my hands again. Check out their candy section as well as other things while on the site :)

Mommy in Me: Baby Room II of II

Yaaaay Mommy to be has officially finished Baby Chasity's room, I had a lot of ideas floating around in my mind when I started on her room but overtime my energy slowly diminished. Take a look around her room, I'll try to give information on things I bought and found or just got from the baby shower that made her room complete :)
Only thing left is to hang up some pictures and one that is being drawn of her when she finally arrives, Thanks to David.  

  • Crib, Mattress, & Dresser are all from Walmart  Crib - $154 Mattress - $39 Dresser - $229 
  • Cocalo Bedding (Daniella) - ToysRus - $100 
  • Cocalo Bedding Bumper (Daniella) - Ebay - $25 
  • Lamp - Target - $19.99 
  • Piggy Bank - $5 
  • Picture & Teddy Bear are all things belonging to me when I was a baby 
  • Bouncer - Walmart - $50 
  • Bookshelf - Walmart - $15 
  • Rocking Chair - Belongs to my Parents 
  • Diaper Genie - Target - $40 
  • Whirlpool - Bed, Bath & Beyond - $70
  • Baskets on bookshelf - Target - $8.99 each

Music Spotlight: Brandy

Even though I am not a big fan of Brandy, I decided to take a listen since people on instagram and twitter have been hyping her album up. I must admit Brandy's new album 2Eleven is an album that I will keep in my rotation for the rest of the year, So Sick happens to be one of my favorite tracks next to her single Put it Down. If you have not given her album a listen I recommend you do.

Mommy In Me: Baby Room I of II

I know her room looks horrible right now but you should have saw it before I cleared it out and begin working on the details. This room use to have a couch, ugly pictures on the walls, curtains, and a big screen tv as well as computer desk and office type thing going on. However, it's a work in progress. 

Mommy In Me: Top 5 Places

 So while I've been pregnant I haven't had the crazy cravings and late night runs of wanting peanut butter and ranch or something nasty. However, there's been 5 places that I have been addicted to while pregnant and I have to have at least one place every other week or I seem to go through withdrawals.

5. Cereal - This is not a place that I have been craving however, I have been obsessed with cereal from Pops, Fruit Loops, Frosted Flakes, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I just love cereal more than I ever have.

4. Hickory Point - This is a new gas station that has opened up around the corner from my house and I absolutely love their burgers. If any of my readers really know me outside of my blog knows I do NOT like beef or burgers but I've been obsessed with their bacon cheeseburgers since they've opened up.

3. Sonic's - One thing I've craved from sonic is their chilli cheese fries and chicken strip sandwiches.

2. Charley's - If anyone has ever been a military brat you will know that charley's is a well known place in the food courts across the world and in some malls now. I love their teryaki chicken sub with their gourmet (cheese & bacon) fries, extremely yummy.

1. Chipotle - When I first experienced Chipotle I thought this place was awful and seriously could not understand the hype about it. However, after going back a second time I realized that I made a mistake with getting a steak burrito when I should have went with a chicken bowl, burrito, or tacos. This has become one of my favorite spots. 

Hello October.

Another month has approached and I can say that I've been happy with the way things have been going since I last posted (almost 2 months ago). I seriously thought when I took a hiatus from my job and was just able to focus on my online classes and lounge around I would find more time to blog, but I haven't and I apologize for that. I am now 8 months pregnant and even though in the beginning my pregnancy was carefree I can feel my body getting tired and hurting more often now. I still wouldn't change this experience for the world but I am now ready to meet my beautiful baby girl and devote my life to her, so expect more post on some tips, struggles, advice, and such that have taken place while I've been gone from the blogging world. 

I do have some new adventures that I want to take part on my blog, I don't know whether I want to update the design or not because I'm lazy and nothing really catches my eyes anymore but if any of my fellow bloggers will like to take on my blog and design it for me that would be great ! Fee or Free doesn't really matter for me.

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