The time has come again where we all need to get out and vote. It's funny how most of us complain about what's going on in the world and how this or that can make a difference yet we don't take the time out to register to vote or even show up at the location intended for us to vote at. One thing I will hate to see this year is people sitting on facebook, instragram, or twitter complaining about this or that when they didn't even take the time out to vote! I can't explain the feeling I felt when I voted in 2008 and I'm making sure that I vote again during this year's election.

"Every vote matters, Every vote counts"
Make a difference.

Online Classes.

The summer is finally coming to a close and if most of you haven't started back with school then I'm sure this week or the next 2 weeks school will begin for everyone. This year I decided to take a break off from school for the summer and to be honest it was a gift and a curse not only do I get further ahead in my degree when taking classes but it's also my cash cow of how I make money so to lose all of that this summer wasn't much fun. However, tomorrow is the first day of my online classes and I clearly don't know what to expect. I've taken online classes before but not 4 all at the same time especially when all of the courses require a lot of reading so all I can say is pray for me. I just knew even though I'm pregnant and expecting in 2 months I was not going to stop my education if anything this has motivated me more than ever.

Good luck to everyone this semester !

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