Throughout my pregnancy I haven't really took many pictures; to be honest I've just been lazy and never got around to it especially on my good days. But I thought how about I take a candid picture of myself while laying around and/or sleeping, no make up, no cute outfit, nothing just me and Chasity Nicole James.

I am officially 24 weeks, 6 months :) (as of July 21st) 3 more months to go.

  • My skin has been glowing.
  • She has been kicking like crazy, which I love but it does make me sick from time to time.
  • The baby shower is slowly approaching.
  • I have another ultra sound Monday July 23rd, they want to make sure her chin is growing correctly but I think we all can see that it is.
  • I haven't been sleeping much at night because that's when she likes to stay up.
  • I get tested for pregnancy diabetes August 10th, I pray things go well.
Darianne said...

She has a name!!
I like that, its cute (:
With the year going by so fast, she'll be here in no time.

Dara said...

This is all so exciting. I can't believe you're 6 months already, I feel like you JUST posted you were pregnant. Your skin looks radiant in the photo!!

Best of luck with everything .

Shakemia Meekyleia said...

@Darianne; yes she has a name, a day before my ultrasound I had a dream about the name and didn't even know it was a girl at the time.

@Dara; thank you love! I know I'm getting more and more excited, can't wait to meet her and the pretty skin and long nails I don't want to end lol.

Noey Babie said...

Awww!!! Chasity Nicole...that's gorgeous, I like it :)

Carla said...

Glowing? That skin is shining bright. So beautiful!

says.Alisha said...

Wow.. Congrats** even tho i just started following today this so cute and i wish you all the best..!
p.s I am your newest follower ;D

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