Mommy in Me : Baby Shower

I've been neglecting my blog and I'm sorry but even with all the time I have on my hands I'm normally just tired and never have the energy to do anything. However, the baby shower was at the beginning of this month and it was everything I wanted and more. Chasity is truly blessed to have people in her life that love her beyond words, everything is coming full circle now that I'm down to my last 2 months. The pictures have been posted on my flickr so you can check them out there :)

Music Spotlight : Aaliyah

When I first heard Aaliyah's new track with Drake I was skeptical but it's beginning to grow on me. I just like the solo version better than with Drake.

Mommy in Me: Top 10

Ten Things I've learned while pregnant:

  • Every pregnancy and woman is different.
  • Water will become your best friend.
  • Soothing music does help you and the baby sleep at night.
  • You can never be fully ready for a baby even if it is planned.
  • Make sure to stay current on any medication if needed and prenatal vitamins (make sure to get the pill as well as the chewables just in case you are unable to swallow pills.)
  • Stay active, especially walking.
  • Watch videos and read up on information to make sure you know every way of child birth and everything that needs to be done before and/or after the baby.
  • Ice packs will also become your best friend. lol
  • Your nipples will swell, it's common but everything new that happens is also scary as well.
  • Last but not have no censor. I don't care what I say, I don't care if I pass gas in front of family or let someone know what's going on with me, I don't care to rub my breast when they ache in public, I just don't care about anything except for Chasity being as happy as she can be. I know that was a bit much lol but no need to sugarcoat it.

Music Spotlight: JoJo

Can't wait for her new album, very nice track. Love true r&b.


Throughout my pregnancy I haven't really took many pictures; to be honest I've just been lazy and never got around to it especially on my good days. But I thought how about I take a candid picture of myself while laying around and/or sleeping, no make up, no cute outfit, nothing just me and Chasity Nicole James.

I am officially 24 weeks, 6 months :) (as of July 21st) 3 more months to go.

  • My skin has been glowing.
  • She has been kicking like crazy, which I love but it does make me sick from time to time.
  • The baby shower is slowly approaching.
  • I have another ultra sound Monday July 23rd, they want to make sure her chin is growing correctly but I think we all can see that it is.
  • I haven't been sleeping much at night because that's when she likes to stay up.
  • I get tested for pregnancy diabetes August 10th, I pray things go well.

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