Mommy in me: Shopping.

One thing that has been difficult since I've been pregnant is keeping my hands off of things I find adorable in the stores because of the simple fact I don't know what I'm having. But one tip that I've learned is once you get out of your first trimester it's ok to sneak in a few stores and pick up the essentials.

*The Main Tip: When shopping for your baby and you are still unsure of the sex stick with all neutral colors such as yellows, grays, greens, oranges, and any other color you feel will look perfect on a girl or a boy.
Ashley said...

I can tell you'll be an awesome mom. I just started reading some of your posts. And although that may not mean anything because I'm a stranger, keep your head up & continue to stay positive. We never know what God has planned for us. Show up & show out with action. You'll have the last laugh...

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