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I found out the sex of the baby on the 22nd, I was very excited! However, this little girl is already taking on the stubborn role. It took us an hour before she opened her legs and showed us what she was other then that she kept her legs shut and would only kick her feet. This is also another exciting thing, I'm finally feeling the kicks even though no one else can. She also waved at us during the ultrasound and that's when I broke down and cried, I've never felt so blessed and excited about bringing such a beautiful and healthy baby girl into the world but I truly am.

Mommy in Me : Finding the Right...

I know I haven't really been updating with my pregnancy but I finally have the baby bump and I don't know what to do with myself. It's adorable yet still surreal for me because I never thought I would be becoming a mother right now in my life. I'm in love with this child. I'm so excited and nervous since this upcoming Friday I will be finding out the sex of the baby. Everybody has something to say when you're pregnant, they tell you all these horror stories, or let you know what you are having as though they know, and the touching of the belly (which I absolutely hate). Once I find out the sex I will begin the process of the baby shower which will take place August 18th and after going through several racks I think I found the perfect dress.

The red & cream polka dot dress is my choice :) You guys will have to wait until the baby shower pics to see the dress in action.


I really enjoyed this past family vacation more than any of the vacations we have had in the previous years. It was relaxing and extremely what I needed after dealing with what I've dealt with in the past couple of months. I hate that we had to come back after a week, I could do 2 weeks if it was up to me. Here are some pictures...I'll be sure to add all of them on flickr when I get the chance.

Moving Forward.

"The hardest part of breaking up is moving forward with your life."
This is one quote I've lived by time and time again in my 24 years of living and 8 years of dating and relationships. However, in some relationship I don't find it hard to move forward with my life and expect better from myself as well as the next relationship I get involved in. In a relationship you have the good times and you have the bad times but sometimes you begin to grow frustrated with the bad times and just have to give up to save yourself. As some of my readers know I'm very open about my life, relationships, and friendships, because I rather be open and free than guarded and not help someone else who may be going through a similar situation. I blog about my life because not only does it help me release my emotions at that time but I later learn from the experience and grow.

The experience I'm gaining from my last relationship is a blessing, a beautiful child to look forward to.
Not for one moment in my life did I believe I would be a single mother, have a child out of wedlock, or to actually not have a relationship with the father of my child but god has a plan and it's bigger than myself and him. Like I stated before I had to save myself, I won't say our relationship wasn't good at times but sadly it took me to get pregnant, having another person to look after for me to realize I have to save myself and this child as well. I've never felt happier and sad at the same time but I did, I grew unhappy and then when things got out of hand and things were said I knew I couldn't do this anymore. Everyone deserves second chances and everyone deserves to be forgiven but I'm a person who never forgets and realizes things will never be the same between me and that person.

One thing I hate is for someone to judge me or even put me in a category that I don't deserve to be in. I'll be a damn good woman to the man that's for me and I damn sure will be a damn good mother to my child for the rest of my life. But when things get to the point of no repair this is when you move forward with your life and not dwell in the past of "what if" or "what could have been". I'll always remember my grandmother telling me this as well as my mother, "if you want to give god a good laugh tell him your plan."

Mommy in me: Shopping.

One thing that has been difficult since I've been pregnant is keeping my hands off of things I find adorable in the stores because of the simple fact I don't know what I'm having. But one tip that I've learned is once you get out of your first trimester it's ok to sneak in a few stores and pick up the essentials.

*The Main Tip: When shopping for your baby and you are still unsure of the sex stick with all neutral colors such as yellows, grays, greens, oranges, and any other color you feel will look perfect on a girl or a boy.


I'm still on vacation until Sunday but as some of you see I've updated my page finally, it's simple just the way I like it. I also deleted most of my posts but left some until I go back and re-edit them the way I would like. :) Hope everyone is doing great !

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