This is the first installment of Mommy in Me. Mommy in Me will be several installments throughout my pregnancy to not only educate myself but educate future mothers and allow everyone to enjoy in this journey with me.

These past couple of weeks have been really hard for me not only have I been dealing with morning sickness night and day or sometimes just all day but I'm tired and drained more than usual. I'm still attending school full time and I work as well mostly weekends and week days. I'm seriously glad that this semester is slowly but surely coming to an end and I can finally enjoy myself and the summer for a change.

  • Picture 1: This past week I went to the ER due to me sneezing and having a sharp pain within my abdomen. Most people would call me crazy or even dramatic but I wanted to make sure everything was ok and nothing bad was happening.   
  • Picture 2: I walk, walk, walk, when I'm at school I park my car and walk to and from my classes. Sometimes it's 1 block and other times it's 6 blocks regardless I walk to contain my weight lol and to make the labor a lot easier in November.  
  • Picture 3: My cures for morning sickness. At Motherhood Maternity they sell preggo pops, they are little candies that taste like heaven to me and they really help in the morning when I feel like passing out. I also picked up some oil from earth fare (an organic grocery store) to help reduce stretch marks. I've heard about Bio Oil but after reading certain reviews on amazon and other places I was scared to purchase it even though it's something my mother recommend.
  • Picture 4: Ginger. This happens to be another cure for morning sickness that I've yet to try out since I hate the taste of ginger.

I thank god that I haven't got to the point where I need to throw up like some mothers experiencing morning sickness. I will keep you all updated like I previously stated, I have a doctor's appointment Wednesday April 4th and another one April 20th. Right now I'm 7 weeks (04/02/12). :)
Darianne said...

I'm so excited for you!
My sister, when she was pregnant, she ate bananas and it helped her. lol I know it sounds weird, but it helped her, maybe it will help you.

Shakemia Meekyleia said...

@Darianne. Yes to be honest I love bananas now that I'm pregnant lol it's weird the little things that we never would have ate on a daily basis that helps us during times like this. bananas and yogurt.

Anonymous said...

Kemia my babymama your having a baby I'm so happy for you your going to be a wonderful mother congrats love I can't wait to see your little bundle of joy -teetee

@rarerosebomb said...

I think it cute that your adding content about your pregnancy.

I don't blame you for being quote on quote dramatic, i would be the same way if i was in your shoe.

Noey Babie™ said...

OMG! Kemia boo! I didn't even know you were preggers! Now, I definitely need to keep up with you and check in on youuuuu!! Congrats and I love that you're sharing your experience because whenever I do get preggy, even though I have my Mommie - I'm going to rely on a lot of my friends that's gone through it recently for tips (not that I PLAN on getting preggy anytime soon, ijs.)

Loveya hunnie! ♥

Noey Babie™ said...

BTW; how'd your appointment go on the 4th?

Dara said...

This series is so cute! I'm unbelievably excited for you

Shakemia Meekyleia said...

@TeeTee thanks love. I'm so excited!

@rarerose; thanks hun! I know people was calling me dramatic but I have to make sure I didn't damage anything since I'm new to this lol.

@Noey; hehehe thanks! I haven't really expressed my pregnancy like I would have want to but I do try to express it on my blog. I'm a new mother so I try to give some insight of what I'm going through and how things are for me. All women are different however. It was good! Baby is good thus far, I have another appointment friday :)

@Dara; :) I'm glad you like it & I'm just as excited as everyone else now. I think it's finally hitting me. lol

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