This is the first installment of Mommy in Me. Mommy in Me will be several installments throughout my pregnancy to not only educate myself but educate future mothers and allow everyone to enjoy in this journey with me.

These past couple of weeks have been really hard for me not only have I been dealing with morning sickness night and day or sometimes just all day but I'm tired and drained more than usual. I'm still attending school full time and I work as well mostly weekends and week days. I'm seriously glad that this semester is slowly but surely coming to an end and I can finally enjoy myself and the summer for a change.

  • Picture 1: This past week I went to the ER due to me sneezing and having a sharp pain within my abdomen. Most people would call me crazy or even dramatic but I wanted to make sure everything was ok and nothing bad was happening.   
  • Picture 2: I walk, walk, walk, when I'm at school I park my car and walk to and from my classes. Sometimes it's 1 block and other times it's 6 blocks regardless I walk to contain my weight lol and to make the labor a lot easier in November.  
  • Picture 3: My cures for morning sickness. At Motherhood Maternity they sell preggo pops, they are little candies that taste like heaven to me and they really help in the morning when I feel like passing out. I also picked up some oil from earth fare (an organic grocery store) to help reduce stretch marks. I've heard about Bio Oil but after reading certain reviews on amazon and other places I was scared to purchase it even though it's something my mother recommend.
  • Picture 4: Ginger. This happens to be another cure for morning sickness that I've yet to try out since I hate the taste of ginger.

I thank god that I haven't got to the point where I need to throw up like some mothers experiencing morning sickness. I will keep you all updated like I previously stated, I have a doctor's appointment Wednesday April 4th and another one April 20th. Right now I'm 7 weeks (04/02/12). :)

Expect the Unexpected.

When I made a checklist at the beginning of 2012 and
ask for something unexpected to happen I didn't think this would be on this list of things to happen, however it did. As of today, I'm 5 weeks pregnant and rather excited about this new journey in our lives even though I wish it could have been held off until a year or two from now or even until we were married. However, God always has a plan and I plan to just follow through and enjoy what he has in store for me. I didn't know if I would share this with the world or even my blog because everyone who needed to know already does or did but I've never held back from my blog or anybody interested in my life so why start now? I'll be sure to keep everyone updated on this journey from cravings, morning sickness, expansion of my stomach, ultra sounds, anything I could think of. This is my first time as a mother and to be honest I'm scared shitless but happy and excited nonetheless.

Music: Elle Varner

Elle Varner - Conversational Lush Mixtape here.

Cause you’re intoxicating my mind
Feel like a conversational lush

Can I get a Refill?

Music Spotlight: Usher

Usher - Climax

Going nowhere fast
We've reached our climax
We're together, now we're undone

Hello March.

This month is going to be one of my most slowed and relaxed months in about 9/10 months. I'll enjoy it but I thought I would express what I intend to do this month.
  • Begin applying for jobs in hilton head/bluffton area.
  • Finish this semester out strong, attend all classes, collect notes and information.
  • The beginning of the 2 months without the honey.
  • Watching my Calorie intake and exercising more.
  • Work, Work.
  • My grandma's 70th birthday party.
  • Blog more consistently. Take more photos.
  • Apply for transfer to ANOTHER new school.

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