DIY: Gold Perfume Tray

I recently bought a tray from a local consignment store for $3.65 which is a steal. This tray to me was a beauty even though it was rusted and old. However, after taking a trip to wal mart for some gold spray I went home with the quest to bring this tray to life to use for my growing collection of perfumes again.

I believe I did a great job bringing it to life! I used one of my old vintage night stand cloths to make it pop some more since I lost the design that was engraved within the tray however I love it.

The perfumes & such shown below:
  • Belara Shimmer Powder
  • Daisy by Marc Jacobs
  • Belara Roll on
  • Journey by Mary Kay
  • Cheap Vaseline
  • Suave Deodorant
  • Thinking about you by Mary Kay
  • Sensual Amber B&BW
  • Baby Lotion - Honey Apple Scent
  • Cuba Perfume
  • Red Fig Lotion

Hopefully I can do more DIYs. Even though this isn't an extreme DIY, I thought I would share

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