The Bedroom.

I remember a while back I did a post of room inspiration that I found through tumblr. I love the architect blogs, interior design blogs, just designing and making your space your own. I said I would post a before and after picture of my room when I finally got it to a point where I want it. However, this is how far I have got with my room and I'm pretty sure when I move into my own house this year it will change and really become my own but for now I thought I would share.

I bought this bedding at Anna Linens it was originally $129 but it was marked down to $65. I got the extra detail frill pillow for $12 from them as well as the canopy hanging from my ceiling for $12. I've always wanted a canopy bed so since I didn't have one I decided to get one that I could hang from the ceiling and I absolutely love it! My mom later purchased the cashmere throw from jcpenny for $20 when it was originally $60. :) We are truly some bargain shoppers, I hope you guys enjoy my share of my space hopefully later this year I'll be able to share more.
Jenny said...

I love love love your bedroom. It is SO cute, and I love the canopy hanging from your ceiling! UGH, it makes me wanna start decorating my room... maybe when I move out. :P

Darianne said...

I'm so jealous. You're bedding is too cute.

Just Daisy said...

I love your bedroom! It is so sensual and soothing. That comforter is beautiful and my favorite color haha.

Girl bargaining is the way to go, trust me I know!


Shakemia Meekyleia said...

Thanks you guys ! I'm still not finish doing my room the way I want to but I know I can't expand and do everything until I move into my own house this year. So hopefully I can share again :)

devotedcharm said...

awww i heart this! i didnt see the bedroom on here until i went a few pages back damn where have i been? i wonder if marcus gonna let you take that canopy with you lmao

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