Sorry that I've been MIA from my blog but as most of you know if you follow me on instagram or twitter I had my beautiful babygirl Chasity on November 10, 2012 and I've been in utter mommy bliss since she came in the world. I haven't had much time to myself or even for my blog but I plan to update you guys and the blog hopefully within the next week so keep a close eye out for new updates.

Blogging will resume soon, working on the entries and everything I've been wanting to discuss so please be patient. Thanks :)

Mommy in Me: 10

1. Happiness. Being in love. I don't think I've ever been in love in my life until I found out I was pregnant, this is a love that's unexplainable the only thing I can do is cry when I think of her. I feel like I owe her my life because she's given me such joy in such a short amount of time. The heartbeat, the kicks, the struggle of knowing I had to let go of something so foul to be blessed with something so beautiful. When people say you do not understand a mother's love until you become a mother, they are right.

10. One thing I learned while being pregnant is that everyone loves to try to give you advice on how things will be but in reality every woman and every pregnancy is different. 
9. Stress. I did not have to deal with much stress during my pregnancy even though most people would have loved to see me stress or even go through some kind of bad emotions but I remained happy the entire time. I take this as a blessing whether I'm alone in this journey or not, this is my testimony.
8. Gas. I have stated this before and I'll state it again, gas is no joke in pregnancy. I believe it's a way that your baby communicates with you lol silly I know but I feel that is what she's doing and pregnancy gas is on a different level of funk.
7. Work. I seriously thought I would be able to work all the way up until my due date but I only made it to my 7 month when my back and other body parts begin to hurt from standing and being at work for long periods of time.
6. School. Do I continue my education? or do I take a break? I took the summer off to work and just enjoy the summer but as soon as Fall rolled around I was back at school however, online classes was really my only option since I walked 4-6 blocks when I was in school before pregnancy.
5. Emotions. Most women experience dramatic mood changes or lashing out at people but I believe that my emotions stayed in tact for the most part. I wasn't happy with people or their way of thinking but I remained calm and not let others get to me with their stupidity.
4. Dr. Appts. One thing I hated was waiting for my doctor appointments when it was only once a month, time seem to go by so slow and I hated waiting to know what was going on with my bundle of joy and even me. I think my most scariest experience was when I was tested for diabetes in pregnancy.
3. Food & Weight Gain. Mind over Matter, most women believe because you are "eating for two" means eat everything in sight and you'll be just fine because "hey, you're pregnant" but with me I was afraid of weight gain. Before my pregnancy I wasn't the smallest thing walking around but for the most part I was happy with my size. However, when I got pregnant it made me self conscience about what to expect but luckily I've only gained the normal 18-20 lbs.
2. Woman. Are you ready to become a woman? Are you ready to give up your needs for someone else? I am.


For my german food and candy lovers:
I came across a site recently called and I instantly fell in love.
I lived in Germany for about 6 years of my life and I have to admit now that I'm older I appreciate the life I lived over there and the experience I got while being in that world but what I miss the most is their candy and other goodies I could get my hands on while living there.

The best part of Germany that I will forever remember is their cuisine whether it was candy, ice cream, or the food. The US Haribo is nothing compared to the one in Germany and I have to admit I was pretty skeptical when I placed my order but the shipping was fast, the packaging was beautiful, and everything I wanted was in my hands again. Check out their candy section as well as other things while on the site :)

Mommy in Me: Baby Room II of II

Yaaaay Mommy to be has officially finished Baby Chasity's room, I had a lot of ideas floating around in my mind when I started on her room but overtime my energy slowly diminished. Take a look around her room, I'll try to give information on things I bought and found or just got from the baby shower that made her room complete :)
Only thing left is to hang up some pictures and one that is being drawn of her when she finally arrives, Thanks to David.  

  • Crib, Mattress, & Dresser are all from Walmart  Crib - $154 Mattress - $39 Dresser - $229 
  • Cocalo Bedding (Daniella) - ToysRus - $100 
  • Cocalo Bedding Bumper (Daniella) - Ebay - $25 
  • Lamp - Target - $19.99 
  • Piggy Bank - $5 
  • Picture & Teddy Bear are all things belonging to me when I was a baby 
  • Bouncer - Walmart - $50 
  • Bookshelf - Walmart - $15 
  • Rocking Chair - Belongs to my Parents 
  • Diaper Genie - Target - $40 
  • Whirlpool - Bed, Bath & Beyond - $70
  • Baskets on bookshelf - Target - $8.99 each

Music Spotlight: Brandy

Even though I am not a big fan of Brandy, I decided to take a listen since people on instagram and twitter have been hyping her album up. I must admit Brandy's new album 2Eleven is an album that I will keep in my rotation for the rest of the year, So Sick happens to be one of my favorite tracks next to her single Put it Down. If you have not given her album a listen I recommend you do.

Mommy In Me: Baby Room I of II

I know her room looks horrible right now but you should have saw it before I cleared it out and begin working on the details. This room use to have a couch, ugly pictures on the walls, curtains, and a big screen tv as well as computer desk and office type thing going on. However, it's a work in progress. 

Mommy In Me: Top 5 Places

 So while I've been pregnant I haven't had the crazy cravings and late night runs of wanting peanut butter and ranch or something nasty. However, there's been 5 places that I have been addicted to while pregnant and I have to have at least one place every other week or I seem to go through withdrawals.

5. Cereal - This is not a place that I have been craving however, I have been obsessed with cereal from Pops, Fruit Loops, Frosted Flakes, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I just love cereal more than I ever have.

4. Hickory Point - This is a new gas station that has opened up around the corner from my house and I absolutely love their burgers. If any of my readers really know me outside of my blog knows I do NOT like beef or burgers but I've been obsessed with their bacon cheeseburgers since they've opened up.

3. Sonic's - One thing I've craved from sonic is their chilli cheese fries and chicken strip sandwiches.

2. Charley's - If anyone has ever been a military brat you will know that charley's is a well known place in the food courts across the world and in some malls now. I love their teryaki chicken sub with their gourmet (cheese & bacon) fries, extremely yummy.

1. Chipotle - When I first experienced Chipotle I thought this place was awful and seriously could not understand the hype about it. However, after going back a second time I realized that I made a mistake with getting a steak burrito when I should have went with a chicken bowl, burrito, or tacos. This has become one of my favorite spots. 

Hello October.

Another month has approached and I can say that I've been happy with the way things have been going since I last posted (almost 2 months ago). I seriously thought when I took a hiatus from my job and was just able to focus on my online classes and lounge around I would find more time to blog, but I haven't and I apologize for that. I am now 8 months pregnant and even though in the beginning my pregnancy was carefree I can feel my body getting tired and hurting more often now. I still wouldn't change this experience for the world but I am now ready to meet my beautiful baby girl and devote my life to her, so expect more post on some tips, struggles, advice, and such that have taken place while I've been gone from the blogging world. 

I do have some new adventures that I want to take part on my blog, I don't know whether I want to update the design or not because I'm lazy and nothing really catches my eyes anymore but if any of my fellow bloggers will like to take on my blog and design it for me that would be great ! Fee or Free doesn't really matter for me.


The time has come again where we all need to get out and vote. It's funny how most of us complain about what's going on in the world and how this or that can make a difference yet we don't take the time out to register to vote or even show up at the location intended for us to vote at. One thing I will hate to see this year is people sitting on facebook, instragram, or twitter complaining about this or that when they didn't even take the time out to vote! I can't explain the feeling I felt when I voted in 2008 and I'm making sure that I vote again during this year's election.

"Every vote matters, Every vote counts"
Make a difference.

Online Classes.

The summer is finally coming to a close and if most of you haven't started back with school then I'm sure this week or the next 2 weeks school will begin for everyone. This year I decided to take a break off from school for the summer and to be honest it was a gift and a curse not only do I get further ahead in my degree when taking classes but it's also my cash cow of how I make money so to lose all of that this summer wasn't much fun. However, tomorrow is the first day of my online classes and I clearly don't know what to expect. I've taken online classes before but not 4 all at the same time especially when all of the courses require a lot of reading so all I can say is pray for me. I just knew even though I'm pregnant and expecting in 2 months I was not going to stop my education if anything this has motivated me more than ever.

Good luck to everyone this semester !

Mommy in Me : Baby Shower

I've been neglecting my blog and I'm sorry but even with all the time I have on my hands I'm normally just tired and never have the energy to do anything. However, the baby shower was at the beginning of this month and it was everything I wanted and more. Chasity is truly blessed to have people in her life that love her beyond words, everything is coming full circle now that I'm down to my last 2 months. The pictures have been posted on my flickr so you can check them out there :)

Music Spotlight : Aaliyah

When I first heard Aaliyah's new track with Drake I was skeptical but it's beginning to grow on me. I just like the solo version better than with Drake.

Mommy in Me: Top 10

Ten Things I've learned while pregnant:

  • Every pregnancy and woman is different.
  • Water will become your best friend.
  • Soothing music does help you and the baby sleep at night.
  • You can never be fully ready for a baby even if it is planned.
  • Make sure to stay current on any medication if needed and prenatal vitamins (make sure to get the pill as well as the chewables just in case you are unable to swallow pills.)
  • Stay active, especially walking.
  • Watch videos and read up on information to make sure you know every way of child birth and everything that needs to be done before and/or after the baby.
  • Ice packs will also become your best friend. lol
  • Your nipples will swell, it's common but everything new that happens is also scary as well.
  • Last but not have no censor. I don't care what I say, I don't care if I pass gas in front of family or let someone know what's going on with me, I don't care to rub my breast when they ache in public, I just don't care about anything except for Chasity being as happy as she can be. I know that was a bit much lol but no need to sugarcoat it.

Music Spotlight: JoJo

Can't wait for her new album, very nice track. Love true r&b.


Throughout my pregnancy I haven't really took many pictures; to be honest I've just been lazy and never got around to it especially on my good days. But I thought how about I take a candid picture of myself while laying around and/or sleeping, no make up, no cute outfit, nothing just me and Chasity Nicole James.

I am officially 24 weeks, 6 months :) (as of July 21st) 3 more months to go.

  • My skin has been glowing.
  • She has been kicking like crazy, which I love but it does make me sick from time to time.
  • The baby shower is slowly approaching.
  • I have another ultra sound Monday July 23rd, they want to make sure her chin is growing correctly but I think we all can see that it is.
  • I haven't been sleeping much at night because that's when she likes to stay up.
  • I get tested for pregnancy diabetes August 10th, I pray things go well.

Music Spotlight: Anhayla

One of my favorite tracks right now. Check it out!

It's a ......


I found out the sex of the baby on the 22nd, I was very excited! However, this little girl is already taking on the stubborn role. It took us an hour before she opened her legs and showed us what she was other then that she kept her legs shut and would only kick her feet. This is also another exciting thing, I'm finally feeling the kicks even though no one else can. She also waved at us during the ultrasound and that's when I broke down and cried, I've never felt so blessed and excited about bringing such a beautiful and healthy baby girl into the world but I truly am.

Mommy in Me : Finding the Right...

I know I haven't really been updating with my pregnancy but I finally have the baby bump and I don't know what to do with myself. It's adorable yet still surreal for me because I never thought I would be becoming a mother right now in my life. I'm in love with this child. I'm so excited and nervous since this upcoming Friday I will be finding out the sex of the baby. Everybody has something to say when you're pregnant, they tell you all these horror stories, or let you know what you are having as though they know, and the touching of the belly (which I absolutely hate). Once I find out the sex I will begin the process of the baby shower which will take place August 18th and after going through several racks I think I found the perfect dress.

The red & cream polka dot dress is my choice :) You guys will have to wait until the baby shower pics to see the dress in action.


I really enjoyed this past family vacation more than any of the vacations we have had in the previous years. It was relaxing and extremely what I needed after dealing with what I've dealt with in the past couple of months. I hate that we had to come back after a week, I could do 2 weeks if it was up to me. Here are some pictures...I'll be sure to add all of them on flickr when I get the chance.

Moving Forward.

"The hardest part of breaking up is moving forward with your life."
This is one quote I've lived by time and time again in my 24 years of living and 8 years of dating and relationships. However, in some relationship I don't find it hard to move forward with my life and expect better from myself as well as the next relationship I get involved in. In a relationship you have the good times and you have the bad times but sometimes you begin to grow frustrated with the bad times and just have to give up to save yourself. As some of my readers know I'm very open about my life, relationships, and friendships, because I rather be open and free than guarded and not help someone else who may be going through a similar situation. I blog about my life because not only does it help me release my emotions at that time but I later learn from the experience and grow.

The experience I'm gaining from my last relationship is a blessing, a beautiful child to look forward to.
Not for one moment in my life did I believe I would be a single mother, have a child out of wedlock, or to actually not have a relationship with the father of my child but god has a plan and it's bigger than myself and him. Like I stated before I had to save myself, I won't say our relationship wasn't good at times but sadly it took me to get pregnant, having another person to look after for me to realize I have to save myself and this child as well. I've never felt happier and sad at the same time but I did, I grew unhappy and then when things got out of hand and things were said I knew I couldn't do this anymore. Everyone deserves second chances and everyone deserves to be forgiven but I'm a person who never forgets and realizes things will never be the same between me and that person.

One thing I hate is for someone to judge me or even put me in a category that I don't deserve to be in. I'll be a damn good woman to the man that's for me and I damn sure will be a damn good mother to my child for the rest of my life. But when things get to the point of no repair this is when you move forward with your life and not dwell in the past of "what if" or "what could have been". I'll always remember my grandmother telling me this as well as my mother, "if you want to give god a good laugh tell him your plan."

Mommy in me: Shopping.

One thing that has been difficult since I've been pregnant is keeping my hands off of things I find adorable in the stores because of the simple fact I don't know what I'm having. But one tip that I've learned is once you get out of your first trimester it's ok to sneak in a few stores and pick up the essentials.

*The Main Tip: When shopping for your baby and you are still unsure of the sex stick with all neutral colors such as yellows, grays, greens, oranges, and any other color you feel will look perfect on a girl or a boy.


I'm still on vacation until Sunday but as some of you see I've updated my page finally, it's simple just the way I like it. I also deleted most of my posts but left some until I go back and re-edit them the way I would like. :) Hope everyone is doing great !

Verbal Abuse.

Verbal abuse (also known as reviling) is best described as a negative defining statement told to you or about you; or by withholding any response thus defining the target as non-existent. If the abuser doesn't immediately apologize and rarely indulge in a defining statement, the relationship may be a verbally abusive one.

Have you ever been in a verbally abusive relationship and didn't know the signs? This is one topic I wanted to tackle because I've been verbally abused twice in my life. The first time wasn't intentionally nor was I in a relationship and the other I believe wasn't but when it was all said and done it never changed so I believe he knew what he was doing regardless of how I felt and I was in a relationship with this person.

The identifying characteristics of verbal abuse are:
- Name calling
- Ridicule over self expression
- Jealousy over friends or family
- Belittling your concerns or needs
- Berates your self confidence
- Gives you the silent treatment for unclear reasons
- Making impossible demands
- Outbursts of rage
- Frequent criticism or humiliation
- Swearing & Disrespectful
It's amazing how looking at the signs of verbal abuse I relate with almost each one in some way, shape, or form. If you can relate to any of these signs please get out of the relationship or make the person aware of what they are doing to you whether it's your parents, friends, husband, wife, boyfriend, or even girlfriend. In complete honesty I believe verbal abuse is more traumatizing and hurtful than domestic abuse.

Ways of Responding to Verbal Abuse:

  • Abuse is never justified so, you should never feel that it is your fault.
  • Let the abuser know how hurtful their words are and discuss with them the fact that it is unacceptable to you. Set boundaries on what you will and will not accept from your abuser.
  • Seek counseling, either together or separately.
  • Surround yourself with a support system of family and friends. Discuss with them what is happening and how you are feeling.
  • If the verbal abuse escalates to physical abuse, leave. Your personal safety is far more important than the relationship.
  • Do not engage in conflict with your abuser. If your spouse becomes angry stay calm, walk away and don’t give him/her what they want…a reaction from you.
  • If you believe you are in a domestic or verbally abusive relationship please seek help call 1-800-799-SAFE or visit

    Rushing to the altar.

    After sharing the news that you're pregnant to family and friends you start to wonder and think about who's judging you or looking at you as though "yeah she's about to be another statistic". Why is it that if you have a baby out of wedlock people have so many things to say then? I believe just because you have a baby with someone you don't have to rush to the altar, the person you have a child with doesn't mean that's the person you're suppose to spend the rest of your life with. We often confuse and lose ourselves in relationships and we truly lose ourselves when a child is involved however, you don't have to lose yourself forever.

    In situations as these the child should always come first, not what you and the other person believe is right for yourselves or because of what "other people are saying". People will always talk no matter if you are doing right or wrong. I'll just say this, I'm not rushing to the altar for anyone at this point. When I know it's the right person and it's the right time I'll do so, a child shouldn't be the only factor you should marry someone it should be the love and happiness that you feel for that person. When it's right....
    you will know.

    As of April 17th I had another monthly check up with my doctor to have my first ultrasound and papsmear. I always thought papsmears were unpleasant but while pregnant they are even worse. However, everything was good. The baby has a steady heartbeat and when the doctor actually did the ultrasound I was basically told I was a week behind my actually due date, it's crazy how technology can tell you how far along you are (but they still wanted to go with my original due date of November 19th). I plan to request to have another ultrasound at the end of June rather than July to find out the sex of the baby, I have a lot of questions for my doctor for the next visit on May 17th. :) I'll keep you guys updated.

    As of May 26th I will be 4 months pregnant.


    This is the first installment of Mommy in Me. Mommy in Me will be several installments throughout my pregnancy to not only educate myself but educate future mothers and allow everyone to enjoy in this journey with me.

    These past couple of weeks have been really hard for me not only have I been dealing with morning sickness night and day or sometimes just all day but I'm tired and drained more than usual. I'm still attending school full time and I work as well mostly weekends and week days. I'm seriously glad that this semester is slowly but surely coming to an end and I can finally enjoy myself and the summer for a change.

    • Picture 1: This past week I went to the ER due to me sneezing and having a sharp pain within my abdomen. Most people would call me crazy or even dramatic but I wanted to make sure everything was ok and nothing bad was happening.   
    • Picture 2: I walk, walk, walk, when I'm at school I park my car and walk to and from my classes. Sometimes it's 1 block and other times it's 6 blocks regardless I walk to contain my weight lol and to make the labor a lot easier in November.  
    • Picture 3: My cures for morning sickness. At Motherhood Maternity they sell preggo pops, they are little candies that taste like heaven to me and they really help in the morning when I feel like passing out. I also picked up some oil from earth fare (an organic grocery store) to help reduce stretch marks. I've heard about Bio Oil but after reading certain reviews on amazon and other places I was scared to purchase it even though it's something my mother recommend.
    • Picture 4: Ginger. This happens to be another cure for morning sickness that I've yet to try out since I hate the taste of ginger.

    I thank god that I haven't got to the point where I need to throw up like some mothers experiencing morning sickness. I will keep you all updated like I previously stated, I have a doctor's appointment Wednesday April 4th and another one April 20th. Right now I'm 7 weeks (04/02/12). :)

    Expect the Unexpected.

    When I made a checklist at the beginning of 2012 and
    ask for something unexpected to happen I didn't think this would be on this list of things to happen, however it did. As of today, I'm 5 weeks pregnant and rather excited about this new journey in our lives even though I wish it could have been held off until a year or two from now or even until we were married. However, God always has a plan and I plan to just follow through and enjoy what he has in store for me. I didn't know if I would share this with the world or even my blog because everyone who needed to know already does or did but I've never held back from my blog or anybody interested in my life so why start now? I'll be sure to keep everyone updated on this journey from cravings, morning sickness, expansion of my stomach, ultra sounds, anything I could think of. This is my first time as a mother and to be honest I'm scared shitless but happy and excited nonetheless.

    Music: Elle Varner

    Elle Varner - Conversational Lush Mixtape here.

    Cause you’re intoxicating my mind
    Feel like a conversational lush

    Can I get a Refill?

    Music Spotlight: Usher

    Usher - Climax

    Going nowhere fast
    We've reached our climax
    We're together, now we're undone

    Hello March.

    This month is going to be one of my most slowed and relaxed months in about 9/10 months. I'll enjoy it but I thought I would express what I intend to do this month.
    • Begin applying for jobs in hilton head/bluffton area.
    • Finish this semester out strong, attend all classes, collect notes and information.
    • The beginning of the 2 months without the honey.
    • Watching my Calorie intake and exercising more.
    • Work, Work.
    • My grandma's 70th birthday party.
    • Blog more consistently. Take more photos.
    • Apply for transfer to ANOTHER new school.

    My First Car.

    Even though it's not what I wanted when I first started out looking for a car, but it's what god blessed me with. An Impala 2008 vs my old 1993 Lexus it's a major upgrade and I'm actually enjoying calling something my own which wasn't handed to me. This accomplishment took a lot of time and effort and I'm thankful for it. :) Pictures listed below:

    The Bedroom.

    I remember a while back I did a post of room inspiration that I found through tumblr. I love the architect blogs, interior design blogs, just designing and making your space your own. I said I would post a before and after picture of my room when I finally got it to a point where I want it. However, this is how far I have got with my room and I'm pretty sure when I move into my own house this year it will change and really become my own but for now I thought I would share.

    I bought this bedding at Anna Linens it was originally $129 but it was marked down to $65. I got the extra detail frill pillow for $12 from them as well as the canopy hanging from my ceiling for $12. I've always wanted a canopy bed so since I didn't have one I decided to get one that I could hang from the ceiling and I absolutely love it! My mom later purchased the cashmere throw from jcpenny for $20 when it was originally $60. :) We are truly some bargain shoppers, I hope you guys enjoy my share of my space hopefully later this year I'll be able to share more.

    Music Spotlight : Erika David

    I was first introduced to Erika David on youtube listening to one of her lovely covers and instantly fell in love. I've been searching for some new music, something I can relate to and enjoy at the same time and lucked up when I saw she had an EP called "Under the Covers" (click for download) with phenomenal tracks such as "You Got Me" this EP is definitely worth a listen & it's free !


    This is an issue that I've touched on many times on my blog throughout the years, which is my lack of friendships. I've trusted all the wrong people and I seriously thought I would never get it right until finally I begin to get right in 2010/2011. I began to learn things about myself and what the issue really was. I allowed people to use me, take advantage of me by any means, and just all around take my friendship for granted. Sadly, I allowed this behavior, I allowed these people into my life and gave them the full permission to do mean and hurtful things to me. I rather be in a world surrounded by associates than to be surrounded by people who pretend to be my friend only when they need something. I know I haven't been the best of friend to many people that have gone and came in my life, maybe I should have fought harder, maybe I should have learned to let go, maybe I shouldn't have over cross my boundaries but I believed that's what a real and good friend was there to do.

    • “Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It's not something you learn in school. But if you haven't learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven't learned anything.”― Muhammad Ali

    I do apologize to one of my best friends that I lost throughout my growth. I think she was a bigger part of me than I realized at the time however, I wasn't the same to her but I thank her for teaching me what it is to be a friend to someone who appreciates that strength, that honesty, that care for someones well being. At this point I have one best friend and it hasn't always been easy with her or me but the fact that she isn't willing to give up and she actually fights for my friendship makes me appreciate what we have built over the years, it's not one-sided like all the years I've wasted with other "friends". Will there be more people I meet or decide to become friends with? Yes, but I now take precautions.

    What's in my purse?

    Finally took the time out to do a "What's in my Purse" entry, I've had this entry saved since last year but never took the time to take a picture and get it posted. So here we are !

    I have a bad habit of changing purses every other day but for some reason once I started school I've changed bags less and less. I found this Louis Vuitton Signature Handbag at one of my favorite semi-thrift stores Plato's Closet for $17.

    What's in my Purse:
    • Leopard Skin Make Up Bag (A gift from my honey's mother for christmas, she got it from wal mart if I'm not mistaken)
    • -Make up Bag Consists of: Perfumes, Lipsticks, & LipGlosses
    • A Journal
    • Special K Meal Bar
    • Book of Coupons
    • My Leather Wallet
    • Hair Bands
    • Vaseline Lip Therapy
    • Baby Lips
    • Singular (Medicine)
    • Inhalers
    • Milk & Honey Lotion
    • Marc Jacobs Daisy Lotion
    • Iphone 4
    • Earbuds
    I use to carry a lot more in my purse but I can't handle a heavy purse. I plan to do a "What's in my School Bag" next. So what's in your purse? or school bag? or any bag that you carry around on a day to day basis?

    DIY: Gold Perfume Tray

    I recently bought a tray from a local consignment store for $3.65 which is a steal. This tray to me was a beauty even though it was rusted and old. However, after taking a trip to wal mart for some gold spray I went home with the quest to bring this tray to life to use for my growing collection of perfumes again.

    I believe I did a great job bringing it to life! I used one of my old vintage night stand cloths to make it pop some more since I lost the design that was engraved within the tray however I love it.

    The perfumes & such shown below:
    • Belara Shimmer Powder
    • Daisy by Marc Jacobs
    • Belara Roll on
    • Journey by Mary Kay
    • Cheap Vaseline
    • Suave Deodorant
    • Thinking about you by Mary Kay
    • Sensual Amber B&BW
    • Baby Lotion - Honey Apple Scent
    • Cuba Perfume
    • Red Fig Lotion

    Hopefully I can do more DIYs. Even though this isn't an extreme DIY, I thought I would share

    Music Spotlight : The Dream

    I've been a fan of The Dream since his first album back in 2007 Love Hate which in my eyes was a classic album. Recently he dropped a new single called "Roc" and I absolutely love it ! I work out to this song and sleep to this song. However, I don't know whether his album will be something to look forward to since I got excited last time and then I was disappointed when the album released. But check out his new single above.

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