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I recently did a food subscription since I’ve been hearing so much about hello fresh and blue apron, the reason I choose blue apron is because in all honestly they had the better reviews compared to hello fresh. Blue Apron exceeded my expectations when it was delivered to me the only problem I have is the calorie intake, pricing, and not enough of a variety for me. 

At the time that I placed the order I received a coupon for 50% off my first order so after the discount was applied I paid $29.97 for the first week. 3 Meals = $29.97 was a steal but typically there price is 3 meals = $59.94 per week which is a bit much in my opinion. 

Food Choices
They actually had a lot of amazing food options to choose from and you can kind of change up what you wanted to eat but it was only to a certain extent. It would be nice to be able to choose from a large catalog of food options since I’m sure they have meals planned out beyond just the per week cycle that the system is placed on.

Packaging ★ ★
The delivery was quick if you plan to get meals on Tues-Thurs you will have a package waiting for you on your doorstep the day you choose for your meals to arrive. Even if it’s 90 degrees outside they have it packaged and cover with ice as well as dry ice to make sure everything is indeed fresh and stays in tack. This is the most amazing part to me.

Meal Selection & Ingredients ★ ★
The meat, produce, or condiments were never dull, old, or expired as of heard that bad experiences that hello fresh offers. Everything was fresh and even if you needed the littlest bit of vinegar you would get EVERY ingredient needed for the recipes nothing was ever left out which too was amazing to me.

Sunday Motivation

Sunday Motivation

29 Days of April : 11th - 23rd

I truly sucked when it came to doing this 29 days of April and I apologize for that, I would have what I wanted typed up but then I would go missing or time would slip away from me. Recently I’ve been changing up things around my house and finally made of list of goals that I would like to get done within the next 3 years (I know, 3 years really?) but I always set out goals that I want to accomplish and thus far I’ve been succeeding in each one. It all revolves around, my house, my financial goals (savings and debt), and traveling. I believe it would be smart to start off with my debt which I started when I was 18 and it’s shockingly got better as a I got older. One thing I learn is that without credit you can’t get much in life. But I’m working on not owing anybody as a get older and wiser. As for my house, pinterest is truly the devil, lol.

Here’s my current living room situation that I’ve changed up as of recently.... The first picture is back in 2015 when I first moved in and the second picture is from this year 2017. I’ll kind of share parts of my home later than sooner as I work to get it exactly how I want over the next 3-5 years.

29 days of April ・ Day Seven, Eight, NIne & Ten.

Once we got back home from vacation it was time to get back into the swing of things, I had a lot of cleaning to do and not only that Chasity still was not trying to go back to school so I just let her stay out the remainder of the week. So, since my birthday had past I spent the weekend with friends and family, from a small get together at my house to me being able to eat at another one of my favorite spots MoBay Caribbean Grill [the food taste better when you sit down to eat and not get something to go]. 

Back to work I go, vacation is officially over and I’m back at work wondering where did the time go. Pray for me.

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